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Beauty Inspiration: MK Olsen.

9 Jun

With humidity at an all time high in NYC I am looking for new ways to tame the beast that is hair frizz but after seeing this lovely MK Olsen photo I have decided to embrace the fly aways and make a beachy boho look out of it…

The best part about this style? It’s almost effortless! Wake up, spritz some summer shine with Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray ($22),  which will create texture and that just out of the ocean wave, take a 1.5″ section of hair on one side of your head and make a loose braid and secure with 2 criss-cross bobby pins. Pull hair into a low bun and take random strands out to mess up the look a bit. Remember, this isn’t a perfect look so don’t take too much time!

Apply a decent amount of bronzer, a coral lip for a lighter look and some heavy mascara while keeping the rest natural. If you want to bring the look from day to night add a bright red lip such as Maybelline’s Red Revival lipstick.


I know I’ll be using this glam yet easy look ALL summer long! Will you?


High-Definition Skin.

21 May

Well, here we are at the end of Everyday to Runway’s first Beauty Week, courtesy of my fabulous weekend at NY’s Makeup Show! I have detailed each day a product of new obsessions purchased at last weekend’s event. I have used each product every single day and I continue to be having a love affair with each and every one of them. I find myself spouting out beauty advice at work, in the aisles of Sephora, and to everyone I talk to on the phone. And yes, I’m pretty sure my grandfather does not care about my new seaweed mask but he’s going to hear about it regardless!

Now that it’s Friday I saved what I think is the BEST for last! It’s another Make Up For Ever brand product…

If you’re wondering where you can pick up Make Up For Ever products you can go to their website and they have products in multiple continents or in the United States, they are exclusively sold at Sephora!

So here it is…

Make Up For Ever, High Definition Microfinish Powder, $30.

This miracle powder suits every skin tone out there due to its sheer color. Unlike other finishing powders which you choose by skin tone, this will not turn cake-y or create an extra color on top of your foundation. When you see that the powder is white you may assume, like I did, that it will create a white look on your skin as some other brands’ white finishing powder does. This absolutely does not because this is the original HD finishing powder with a formula that has yet to be recreated.

The trick to this beauty-life-changing translucent powder is that it is formulated with light-reflecting particles that create the look of flawless skin without creating a thick layer on top of your skin like other pressed powders. This talc-free powder is make of 100% mineral silica powder which means it will mattify your skin but will not dry it out in any way.

The powder makes lines, wrinkles, imperfections less apparent due to its reflecting formula. In my personal use, every time I add pressed powder to my face I find my makeup looks very “done” and makes it look like I’m covering horrible skin when in actuality, my skin isn’t bad at all. The formula is so soft and keeps my t-zone dry and my dry patches hydrated. I do not question makeup miracles like this!

This powder not only light reflects those occasional “problem” spots but it makes my foundation I put underneath less obvious! This powder can be used alone with just concealer or on top of any foundation not just their foundations.

I am officially an HD Microfinish Powder convert and a Make Up For Ever devotee.


FTC Disclaimer: I was given a 30% press discount on this product but my opinion is 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post.

Flawless Finish.

19 May

Foundation. A girl’s best friend and worst nightmare all in one. If you find your perfect foundation you have the flawless look that every girl is praying to attain, but it can take years and years. Personally, I have been using the same brand foundation since I was 15! I have been a loyal devotee of MAC Cosmetics’ Studio Fix pressed powder, Studio Fix Fluid, and Studio Tech for the last seven years. Not once have I strayed from my MAC skin obsession… until now.

The beauty world has been transformed since Make Up For Ever has come on the scene. Dany Sanz, creator of Make Up For Ever, spent all her time holed up in a Parisian workshop until creating the ultimate beauty products ever. Make Up For Ever burst onto the scene with beauty products specifically designed for HD- High Definition. As a non-celeb, I figured HD Makeup was pointless. Why do I need to look perfect on camera, when I’m never actually in front of a camera?! But then it hit me… if these people look amazing despite severe zoom on their pores, then in real life wouldn’t my makeup look practically invisible?

Make Up For Ever’s creator Dany Sanz (left) applying the flawless finish makeup.

I switched to liquid foundation a few years ago and have consistently refilled my NC15 and NC20 bottles religiously since then. This weekend at The Makeup Show I was bombarded by bloggers, fans and industry professionals alike raving about Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation. If the packed booth and constant 50 person line didn’t give me an indication of “MUFE’s” popularity, than my personal interaction with one of their highly-knowledgeable trained artists would.

I watched like a hawk until one MUFE artist was free and immediately swooped in to get my own personal consultation. She went through each of the foundation products they carry: the HD Invisible Coverage Foundation (high coverage), the Face & Body Foundation (medium to high layer-able coverage), their Velvet + Matifying Foundation (full coverage), and their tattoo-coverable Full Coverage Concealer (extremely high coverage).

HD Invisible Coverage Foundation, $40.

Since my main concerns were finding a non-drying, full coverage foundation that did not feel thick or cake-y, the makeup artist suggested the HD Foundation. Truly I love MAC Cosmetics, but my Studio Fix Liquid Foundation was feeling so heavy in the increasing summer heat and even though I have some imperfections I did not feel I needed as much makeup as I was wearing each day. This foundation goes on light and depending on how many layers you add, you can make it as sheer or heavy as you want. For daily wear I choose to wear only one full layer and add a second layer to the “problem” areas, such as my right cheek where I have a slight bit of scarring.

The first day I showed up to work wearing this, I was complimented by three people on separate occurrences how glowing my skin looked. I immediately gave them the “are you sure? really?” It felt scary to leave my MAC foundation untouched in my makeup bag, but the compliments are helping me spread my proverbial wings.

This foundation is a little pricey at $40 a bottle but I am assured that a little goes a long way and one bottle will last you much longer than other brands of the same size. I am officially on day four of using this foundation and am absolutely in love. The texture, the staying power, the coverage are all exactly what I was looking for in a perfect foundation and assumed did not exist. If you’re looking for a makeup that is full in coverage but not in thickness, then Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Coverage Foundation is the absolute right one for you.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get my own talk show with this glowing skin! Take that, Oprah.


Disclaimer: I was given this product at a discounted press rate  at the Show, but this is my honest opinion. I am not being compensated for this review.

The Customizable Concealer.

18 May

In every girl’s makeup case there are a few beauty products that are absolute essentials. These are the products that we use not only daily, but religiously. The products that we buy a replacement of before we’re even out. The products that we may even stock up on in the off-chance the product gets discontinued. I have a few of these cannot-live-without products in my makeup case and as of Sunday a brand new one has been added to my list.

Temptu products have been on my beauty radar for a few months now after hearing about their airbrushing systems. Temptu is known for their flawless foundations, bright blushes, and the ability to create realistic body art such as covering DeNiro in tattoos in Scorcese’s Cape Fear. In 1996, Temptu released one of the first airbrushing systems, which can not only be used in Hollywood but also for bridal and eventually, every day use!

Temptu promises to perfect, enhance and even, adorn skin through their airbrushing systems. Temptu was even used in 2007 by Steven Meisel in Italian Vogue to create a tattooed-edgy look on his supermodels. Since then their airbrushing has been used on countless television shows (Gossip Girl, Despereate Housewives), movies (DaVinci Code, X-Men), and as of this year consumers can now buy Temptu products online!

But when it comes to my new must-have product, I officially cannot live without their concealer wheel. The five tone concealer palette can cover the darkest of under eye circles, erase the reddest blemish, and cover any unsightly vein you would ever want to forget about. This concealer is so perfect you could layer and layer and eventually, cover up even a tattoo! Temptu boasts this wheel as being a hand-applied weightless concealer that will cover most anything without drying out skin, and I could not describe it better myself. Most concealers either cake or dry up after a few hours, but this silicone based concealer is creamy and customizable to most skin tones!

Temptu Concealer Wheel, $22.

I mix and match depending on the area I am trying to conceal and despite having very dry skin, this palette continues to surprise me with it’s staying power and almost hydration-like quality.

Loving this product is not hard, finding it on the other hand is slightly more difficult. After scouring online I found a few makeup sites that sell this wheel but it does not seem like the easiest product to get your hands on. But let me tell you, I will now do anything to keep this in my makeup case despite the possibly great lengths it might take.

This wheel is on my must-have list, do you have a concealer that’s on yours?


FTC Disclaimer: This product was given to me for free to review. But all opinions are my own. I am not being compensated for this post.

The Skin Secret.

17 May

If there is any constant when it comes to skin care advice it would 100% be water, water, water! It seems basic but when you think about our daily intake it’s usually coffee, diet soda, and (not daily) a form of alcohol… at least for me. Whenever I’m on vacation or going to the spa I always drink tons of water and in turn my skin looks amazing. Of course, I relate the good skin cause to the massage, the fresh air, or whatever else I think of on the spot, when truly it’s that decaffeinated tea (water is the prime ingredient!) and that cup after cup of fresh orange-slice water. I have officially bought an actual reusable (BPA-Free and pink!) water bottle that I plan on filling up on the hour every two hours at work. Putting this action into my planner not only creates a routine, but gives me an extra check off my To-Do list (an official pastime of mine)!

BUT if there was one other skin not-so-secret secret, it would be the products from Mario Badescu. Now I have heard this product name for years and years in magazines, beauty blogs, and of course Rachel Zoe’s Must-Have list. I have resisted this brand mainly due to a gross-assumption that it was most likely widely overrated and overpriced. Lucky for me at this weekend’s Makeup Show I was introduced to the loveliest of ladies at the Mario Badescu booth and from then on, it was a match made in skin heaven.

Besides being featured in the May 2010 Glamour Issue, they also boast clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Eva Longoria, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and SO many other celebs known for their amazing skin.

Despite the heavy crowds and random side questions, Nicole was gracious enough to go through my vast and extremely specific skin care questions and life history. First off, any representative who isn’t trying to fill your bag full of random products in the first five minutes is a gem in my eye! But Nicole went further to ask me:


What do you currently use?

What do you like about your current system? What do you dislike?

What do you feel is lacking in your routine?


These are all very important questions to ask yourself before shopping for skin care products.  If you have a severe love affair with your drugstore cleanser and have used it for 15 years with no issues, why change to something new? I personally, do love my cleanser, and we are in a love affair, and really, I’m not ready to give it up… but I knew that my current moisturizer sat on top of my skin rather than penetrating it which leaves my dull, Sahara Desert dry patches sans hydration. Nicole went through the products, and together we settled on the ultimate product:


The Seaweed Night Cream, $20.

I am officially obsessed. Like to the degree that when my (boy) roommate went to put his hand in my new cream pot I literally slapped it away! This silky, smooth cream has a depth that I can instantly feel hydrating my subway-inflicted wind-battered face yet not creating that heavy, thick feel that makes me want to re-wash my face all over again! This seaweed night cream boasts the ability to hydrate even the driest skin without clogging acne-prone skin. Until now, all my moisturizers have either been solely for hydrating or for moisturizing skin with acne but NONE FOR BOTH. I’d say I’m lucky to have only the occasional breakout but when I use other “hydrating” moisturizers my percentage goes immediately from a 10% chance of breaking out to an 80% chance I’ll be breaking out in the next day or two.

I would not be exaggerating if I said my entire skin quality has improved in TWO days. My makeup goes on smoother, my foundation doesn’t stick to those dry patches anymore after a few hours, my skin has a smoother feel and yet I have no extra oil or shine than I usually do. It’s honestly a miracle in a cream pot.

Mario Badescu has daily moisturizers, night creams, acne products such as the infamous drying lotion (which I now know is for whiteheads not all breakouts) and many more products that can and should be customized to you.

The best part about about their products is that they’re actually affordable! Most range in the $15-$30 range and are absolutely worth it in my opinion.


Stay tuned this week for more of my must-haves from The Makeup Show, as well as another Mario Badescu product that needs some further research…


I would like to remind you all that a) just because this product works for me does not mean it will work for you, b) all skin can be affected differently by certain products, c) remember your skin when buying products, and not the skin your friend has when she uses x-y-or-z product. Every time I ran out and bought a product that my former roommate swore by I ended up with adverse reactions, always coming to the conclusion that she has 100% different skin than I do.

FTC Disclaimer: I was given a 30% press discount off this product. I am not being compensated for this post.

All photos from Mario

Makeup Heaven.

16 May

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend The amazing Makeup Show in New York City. Events like this remind me (not that I forget) how lucky I am to live in one of the best and most lively cities in the world.

The Makeup Show is in it’s 5th year and was presented by the Powder Group. The Makeup Show is a trade show that presents new products, companies and cult-favorites to the industry. At this two-day show, we were given insider info to new collections, “pro” only products (those offered solely to licensed makeup professionals), as well as given the opportunity to speak to those leading creators in the beauty world such as Makeup Forever’s Dany Sanz. Seminars, workshops, and tutorials filled the booths and girls everywhere carried bag after bag and new secrets to flawless skin! The Makeup Show is currently in Los Angeles and New York but will (hopefully!) next year also be presenting in Europe!

This truly is a must-attend event for any one interested in the beauty industry!

High profile brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Makeup Forever and Stila were all exhibitors as well as international brands such as Embryolisse and Face Atelier, drugstore brand L’Oreal showed their new collections and skin care cult favorite Mario Badescu really rocked the show. Creators, brand representatives, artists all swarmed the Metropolitan Pavilion to provide the best advice and insight into the beauty world for consumers and professionals alike. Artists such as Tegan Taylor who was responsible for Avatar’s ground-breaking makeup as well as Louie Zakarian from Saturday Night Life, and of course Makeup Forever’s Emmy for As the World Turns was proudly on display.


I was also able to meet some great other bloggers…

L to R: Erika of ShoesShirtsandotherSh!t, Shruti of Cocolicouss, Amy of TheBeautyChick, Amanda of BeSpoken4 and of course ME, all the way to the right! *Thanks to the InformedMakeupMaven for the photo!


I am already major-ly obsessed with a whole slew of new beauty products and will spend this week sharing with you my favorites, must-haves and those secret tricks you wish you knew! Check back all week to hear about new brands, products and trends I learned about this weekend!


*A big thank you goes out to The Makeup Show, State PR, the Metropolitan Pavilion, The Powder Group, and all the presenting brands for such an amazing event that is open to anyone remotely interested in beauty, as well as providing us bloggers with some further insight and great entertainment by James Vincent (makeup artist).

White Out.

9 Apr

Getting a well-pigmented white eye shadow is harder than it sounds. I’ve tried everywhere from drugstore brands to MAC to way overpriced designer shades and either they last all of five minutes or are so sheer they can’t even work as a light highlighter.

That it until my HOUR long venture to Sephora today! I went in there for a specific product (post and review to come soon) and walked out with a big bag full of beauty goodies.

Wedding Day.

I didn’t intend to buy any eyeshadows while I was there but when I was strolling past the Sephora section, I couldn’t help but notice this perfectly shimmered white shadow that Taylor Swift should have named after her immediately. I picked up Wedding Day (L) and it created this perfectly pigmented white shade with big flecks of silver sparkle in it. I knew this could be the perfect nighttime white shadow to cover my entire lower lid. Since the sparkles are pretty chunky it’s too club-y to wear to the office but by just using a little it can also be used as a cheek or under the eyebrow highlighter when you can’t wear full-on sparkle lids.

I tried Wedding Day first as an inner-v highlighter which immediately brightened up my eye without giving the chalky appearance my pencil can sometimes cause. The sparkle isn’t as noticeable there because you’re not using as much of it as when you’re covering your whole lower lid.

Aspen Summit was given to be from behind the counter in a sample size and it has the same high pigment formula as Wedding Day but instead of chunks of silver glitter, it has a white shimmer tone to it. Aspen Summit would be more appropriate for the office or layering with other colors. With both of these colors along with the rest of the collection you can use them dry for loose color or you can use a dampened brush to create a more high-impact thick color.

Wedding Day, left, Aspen Summit, right, (both $12).

The benefit of Sephora’s Mono Eyeshadows is that they are a pressed loose powder so they aren’t likely to crease like other shadows do, especially if you have oily lids. Downside though, because it is loose, you’re more likely to get the color underneath your eyes on your cheeks too. In this case I ended up just blending the white to look like a cheekbone highlighter, but if you’re buying this color in say a purple, I would definitely recommend having make-up wipes handy.

I also always use an eye primer with my shadows which help create a more pigmented look and also keep them from sliding off early in the day. With the combination of this eyeshadow’s natural staying power and an eye primer you’re likely to have to use an eye make-up remover at the end of the night since it will last all day!! I put this color on my lids over seven hours ago and it still looks as bright as when it was first applied!

Check out Sephora’s Mono Colorful Eyeshadow not only for the white shades but also their 80 other colors which range from matte, glittering and metallic shimmer in every color you could imagine! It’s also paraben-free so it’s safe to use on sensitive skin!

Perfect shadow to create a white and grey smokey eye for spring nights!