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How to: Wear a Cape

6 Dec

After my lovely night with French Connection I fell absolutely in LOVE with capes. The look is an adorable twist on winter fashion and new throwback to the style scene.

1. If you want to keep the elegance factor to the cape, pair it with an ultra girly mini, tights, and the highest of heels. Above I am wearing French Connection’s Penny Party dress. I paired the flirty ruffles with French Connection’s 5″ Mary Janes and FC’s  Crusader Cape. Throw on a shimmery scarf and a silver bow clutch, and you have the most feminine of outfits!

2. If you want to dress down your cape, pair it with skinnies, either denim or black and a basic long sleeve shirt. Most capes have open arms so you want to stay warm through the chilly months, and a tee, like LNA or The Row, is your best bet.

3. To go all out with your look, take your cape to the next level with flared jeans a la Rachel Zoe. Elizabeth and James’ Stevie Jean, above from Revolve Clothing, is the perfect 70’s style pant to pair with a printed l/s tee, and a floppy black hat such as this cheap & chic one from F21.


I am loving the cape for Fall/Winter 2010, are you?!

Disclaimer: French Connection cape and Mary Janes were purchased in part through a gifted discount.


How To: The Fishtail.

29 Jun

At 22 years of age and attempting to look somewhat like that, rather than the 17 year old I continually get mistaken for, I have finally re-embraced the braid into my life. BUT, on one condition: this braid must be a fishtail braid. No, I’m sorry, no more pigtail braids, no more tight regular braid, I will only compromise for side, fishtail braids from now on.

Ever since Alexander Wang’s side braid perfection (above) was shown on the S/S ’10 runways, I have had the side braid on my mind. But due to the slow as molasses rule of hair growth and the lack of funds for model extensions I have been unable to reach the level of A.Wang’s mane look to my full covet request. Until a new style came (back) into town…

I’m pretty sure I rocked the fishtail braid when I was about 4 or 5, but as soon as you hit the I-swear-I’m-18-not-14 age where all you want in life is to be seen as a grown-up the braids get the style-chop for pin straight locks or whatever is the look of the moment. But due to the mass amount of humidity currently in Manhattan, I wanted to try a new look that kept my hair off my neck but didn’t bring me back to my high-pony high school cheerleading days. After reading a few eHow articles, and a youtube video or two, I surprisingly got an adorable fishtail on my first try.

I’ve now been seeing fishtail braids all over red carpets, SoHo streets, and fashion magazines. Above Diane Kruger wore hers at the Cannes Film Festival, and Leona Lewis made a double fishtail at the London Love Ball. A fishtail braid looks much more intricate than a regular braid which adds a level of chicness that can be easily attainable.

1. Spray your favorite volumizing spray (my favorite!) into damp hair. Blow hair dry upside down while using your hands to shake and tousle your hair.

2. Pull your hair to a slightly off-center low ponytail.

3. Start by splitting the hair in two sections. On the right hand side, take a small .5″ outside section and bring over and under to the left hand side. Repeat on the left hand side. Continue until you get to the bottom. and secure with a clear elastic.

4. Then lightly pull the braid loose to create a disheveled look and feel a la Diane Kruger, or Ashley Olsen!


Next time I’ll try this Doo.Ri Fall 2010 side fishtail braid which looks insanely fabulous!

What do you think? Would you rock this look?

The Art of… Highlighting the Eye

23 Mar

With florals and pastels springing (get it?) back up I thought I would bring back “The Art of…” posts in order to share with you an ultimate Spring make-up trick. Highlighting your eyes is becoming the most desired make-up look on the streets and in Hollywood and who can resist a five minute pick me up that helps create the illusion that you’ve been catching up on all your beauty rest, despite the fact that really your insomnia kicked in because of that fourth latte yesterday.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively highlight their eyes any time they are seen in public and now they are widely known for being “fresh faced.” So whether you fifteen or fifty, this trick will bring life back into those I-already-need-the-weekend eyes.

Whether you’re going for a full-faced look, or just sticking to the basics of tinted moisturizer and mascara, this little trick will take you from everyday to  (… runway?) ok, maybe just red carpet!

After using your concealer and shadows to cover those lids, take any type of white pencil, cream, highlighter stick, or shadow, my choice being drugstore Rimmel brand soft kohl eye pencil in Pure White ($4, drugstore) to widen and whitened your eye to wake up those morning eyes and give a doe-eyed pop.

There are so many products out there that it’s all about finding what works best for you! Shaky hand? Stick with a cream, we don’t need the addition of poking our eye out at 8 am. I prefer a thin matte pencil for a muted but still effective look, but highlighters range from matte to shimmery to full on sparkly! I suggest you skip the sparkles unless you’re going to a soiree, it’s harder to be taken seriously at work when you look like you put on make-up with a middle schooler.

The best way to apply this product when using a pencil is to line the inner-v of the eye (the side closest to your nose) and then carry the line out to the middle of the eye. I like to go only half-way to keep the look subtle instead of 80’s. When using a cream, you can either use your fingertips or a thin brush. You’re more likely to get heavier look by using your fingertips but if it’s a lighter cream color then using your pinky finger to apply should work perfect. Using a brush gives you more precision but I like using my fingers and afterwards putting the rest below my eyebrow line, the tops of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. The reflection of light helps draw attention to these areas and create a look of higher cheekbones and a smaller nose!

Lucky for us many companies are creating no-hassle products to help define our inner-v such as Benefit’s Eye Bright, a crayon ($20), NARS‘ Albatross, a powder ($26) and Shu Uemura‘s eye light pencil white ($18) which is double-ended with a matte white and a pearl white to let you choose depending on your mood!


What do you think of this look? Is it a beauty secret you’re already in on? Or will you be picking up a pencil STAT?!

Let me know! XO

*Photos from Taaz and Beauty online

PS. I WANT to Make This

1 Feb

Erica Domesek of PS. I Made This, which has been linked on my blogroll since the beginning of Everyday to Runway, made the genius move of DIY-ing or DYE-ing a Proenza Schouler look a like. Erica paired with Who What Wear, another amazing must-read style website, to create the look below…

Check out the rest of Erica’s WhoWhatWear’s full post here

I have been coveting the Proenza tie-dye shirt on the right since seeing it on the runway, and even Kristen Stewart and Tavi sporting it won’t turn my interest away. As a San Francisco native, I’ve always been a major tie-dye lover. I blame it on Haight Street, but this S/S season the colorful swirls will be in full effect and I’m one happy (wannabe) hippie. Tie-dying is such a fun warm day activity and so easy. I love being able to say I made the top/dress/skirt/sheets that I’m rocking and knowing that it’s one of a kind! If you’re new to tie-dye buy a plain white dress and use some black or navy dye to create a calmer look, or if you’re more daring try dye-ing a white flouncy mini skirt with pinks, oranges, and yellows and pairing it with a white tank for a super cute spring look.

Celebrities have been rocking the look and it’s gaining more and more hype. Fergie and Rihanna went with tie-dye jeans for an interesting but not my favorite look. If they were short-shorts paired with a flowy white tank, I could see it being cute. But full on tie-dye jeans or leggings just seem like more middle-school mess than super sweet and chic.

Once you start tie-dying more often you can test out new ways of creating the print, whether dipping it in a full color, using the “sunburst” effect, marbles, spirals, stripes and more! But for now here are some looks you can get without having to dye your hands bright blue…

This OP Dress is only $12!

While this more daring yet still neutral mini from Parker’s is $188.


Tie-dye is everywhere and if you want to be summer cool you should try this look too. Pair any tie-dye with embellished flats, and a fun beachy hat and you’ve got insta-chic this spring…. Yes, I’m aware it’s just February 1st, but here’s my output to the world that spring should come early… Groundhog Day is tomorrow, you know!


Photos from WhoWhatWear, OP, Bloomingdales, FabSugar, DenimBlog

The Art of… Great Hair Part 2

1 Jan

So now that the sequins are worn, the champagne is gone, and we are all amped on starting a whole new year it is time to start it off right with some great hair! We can continue to covet Jennifer Aniston’s hair as much as we want, but color, cut, and preparations aside, styling is the most important part since it’s working with what you have!! I color my hair far too many times a year so my hair is already really damaged to begin with so I need to extra protect my hair when applying heat, so here’s some tips…

Hint: this post is SUPER long so I’ve bolded main topics so if you want to skip to ones you’re more curious about you can!

1. Use a hair twist towel instead of a regular towel to cut down on frizz and damage!

Since I switched to using a towel twist, turbie twist, hair towel like the above, my frizz has totally been cut down (not entirely, but a significant amount!) Using a regular towel is rough on your hair and can help break the cuticle which leads to split ends and frizziness. A set of 2 at BB&B is only $10, so it’s totally worth it!

2. ALWAYS use heat protectant!!

Seriously, could not be more important, not using a protectant before applying heat just destroys your hair. I could not live without my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum ($16, on Folica). I never used product because I thought it would weigh down my hair but I use just the tiniest drop (smaller than a pea) and use it from below my crown to my ends and it never makes my hair flat or greasy. The Skinny Serum adds shine, cuts down on frizz and cuts my hair drying time in half (which is important because less heat=less damage). It’s also, obviously a heat protectant and can be used before both straightening or curling!

There are lots of great ones out there like Redkin Satinwear Blow Dry Finish and John Frieda or Bumble & Bumble but this the Paul Mitchell is the one I recommend most and is the least greasy in my opinion. Plus, it totally smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Yum!!

3. Blow dry in different directions.

I don’t have any specific recommendations for hair dryers themselves (comment if you do!) because I think they’re really all the same, as long as you have one with a diffuser, I think it’s fine. But if you “confuse” your hair by using a paddle brush to blow dry your hair in all directions (like pulling it forward, then back, then up and then with your hair flipped down) I find you get a lot more natural volume!

You can use a volumizing mousse too but sometimes they get sticky and I don’t like using too much product but I do like Tresemme’s volumizing one from the drugstore if I do use one.

4. Use a second heat protectant specifically for straightening or curling!

I’ve noticed since using an additional heat protectant I get the desired affect much faster and it stays better too. Again, like blow drying, the protectant lets me use less heat which cuts down on the damage. Whenever I straighten my hair I use got2b’s Crazy Sleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion ($7, on Folica) or I got buy one-get one free at my Safeway for like $5 the last time I bought it.

The spray is kind of streamlined so I normally spray it on my hands and then run it through my hair (avoiding roots) and it works better than if I spray it on. It really makes my hair stay stick straight throughout the day, as opposed to when I don’t use it and my naturally wavy hair will show up half way through the day.

When I curl my hair I’m absolutely in love with Kenra’s Thermal Styling Spray, ($12.99, on Folica) but mine was only $10 at my local beauty store. I recently found out that using a good setting spray before curling can actually help keep the curls in tact better than using just a hair spray at the end. The bottle says you can use it after you’re done curling as a hair spray but I don’t.

Spray this directly on your hair before curling and brush it out to prevent stiffness. My curls stay in tact all day long and actually overnight sometimes too. I do have a natural wave to my hair so it is easier to curl than those with straight hair but this product has really made a difference with preventing my curls from falling flat.

As a rule, always let a spray heat protectant dry for around three minutes (normally the time it takes for your styling tool to heat up) in order to prevent burning your hair like you would if you used it on wet hair.

5. Use proper tools!

Styling tools, just like shoes and purses, are something that I will never skimp on money-wise. I’ve tried buying the cheap alternatives, and they never work as well for me. I’ve literally gone to Target and bought then returned! three curling irons in the last few months and I will never, ever stray from my new Hot Tools Curling Iron. I really didn’t want to spend the money on it because I thought that since I had semi-curly hair I wouldn’t need a strong one, but really there is no competition in my eyes. I caved and spent the $40 on a Hot Tools Curling Iron. Since then I’ve found many places that sell them a lot cheaper! like Folica, which range from  $23-$35 depending on the size.

I could seriously do an entire post on this amazing tool because it’s that great. First of all it heats up in 30 seconds, has a great spring and curls my hair in 10 seconds. Pretty amazing. The heat is adjustable depending on how hard it is to curl your hair, I use setting 4, but it goes up to 10. You do have to be careful because it gets SUPER hot, I actually burned my shoulder last week and have a nasty little burn mark which is not cute, but just be really attentive when using it (unlike me)!

For bigger curls I use a 1-1/4″ inch because my hair is below my shoulders but not super long. The longer your hair the bigger of a barrel you’ll want- like 1-1/2″ or 2″ and for shorter hair or more spiral-y curls you’ll want a smaller barrel.

I love this because I can have really big curls and set them with hairspray as I go along with my 1-1/4″ or I can wait till I’m done, hairspray my hair and then use my wide tooth comb to lightly brush them out and it turns out as just beach-y big waves. Love it. So worth it, cannot recommend this curler more.

As for straighteners, I’m not the biggest fan of mine right now, I got it at my beauty supply store and loved it because it was all pink but I’m in the market for a new one. Trying to save up for a ghd straightener, which I hear are the best, but we’ll see. Comment if you have recommendations for a better, more affordable straightener.

As for hair spray I have a John Frieda one that is travel-size that I use, or a Kenra one, or some pink $5 one from Target. I don’t have one that I love but I hear great things about the L’Oreal Elnett hairspray, $15, that is used for runways a lot but I haven’t gotten around to buying it. I just buy whatever is relatively well-priced that doesn’t have too much alcohol (which dries out your hair) and since I have good pre-heat products, hair spray isn’t as important at the end.

Overall, these are my recommendation for great hair. I’ve used them all personally and I bought them all myself so I have no alternate interest to recommending these products. I hope you find products that work well for you and comment any suggestions you have for other people that have worked for you! Now go out and have a great hair day!

Photos from and BB&B website.

The Art of… Great Hair (Part 1)

26 Dec

Hair is for me the second best accessory a girl can have. (The first is coming soon!) Having great hair is something that lucky people are born with and others must work hard to attain. Sounds crazy, but really it’s true. You know that friend you have who’s wet hair just dries perfectly, without product and no matter what the conditions are, yeah… jealous. Mine does not.

My hair is in between pretty much every spectrum. Naturally, it’s this wavy texture that’s not too fine, and not too thick. 90% of the days I must add heat to my hair, whether it’s straightening or curling, I will use an appliance. When it’s too hot or I’m feeling semi-lazy I’ll wash my hair at night time add a product and sleep on it. Luckily, those days, if I use the right product I’ll wake up with non-crazy cat lady hair, i.e. it’s a soft wave that doesn’t have too much frizz.

For me, frizz is the hair enemy that I try to avoid at all costs.

Here is my breakdown of products that I find to be the best of the best: some drugstore, some salon, and some that will not work for anyone but myself. Just a reminder that just because I like them does not mean you will, or they will have the same effect on your hair, so don’t run out and buy anything without thinking it over!

Basics: a wide tooth comb, a round brush, and a paddle brush. A wide-tooth comb is essential for wet hair, any thing else is breaking your hair and helping to aid split ends. Especially for girls with easy to tangle hair (like myself) using a wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner is your best bet as well as using it to detangle your hair once you’re out of the shower. Round brushes and paddle brushes are just styling tools, find a price point and size that work for you, smaller ones are easier on shorter hair, bigger ones for longer hair. Boar bristles brushes are great, but expensive.

In the shower: A color-treated shampoo and conditioner if you have colored hair=SO IMPORTANT!

Otherwise, you are stripping your hair’s color. The gentler = the better! I use sunflower shampoo and conditioner from Kiehl’s because even though it’s semi-pricey (around $20-25) it smells amazing and truly keeps my color longer. Once a week I use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up, only once a week so I don’t strip my hair’s colors or oils. I use Bumble & Bumble’s “Sunday” shampoo ($20). Once a week, I also use a deep conditioner that I leave in for 20-ish minutes. It helps sometimes to put it on dry hair so it penetrates better. I was gifted a Logics vitalizing treatment mask and I think it’s amazing!! It really helps smooth your hair’s end cuticles and help the damage done by all the heat, it’s a little steep at $28 but works great and I will say that even though I was given this product for free to review, I love it and would buy it again with my own money.

Once you get in the shower your hair should be completely saturated with water before using shampoo. Only put a quarter-ish size drop to use and spread it out on just the roots of your hair, use your fingers to spread it around over your ears, your hairline and the crown of your head. Only massage your roots for around 3o seconds and then wash the shampoo out completely as leaving it in will dry out your hair. Put conditioner in from underneath your crown to the ends and I use a clip to pin it up so the conditioner can soak in my hair while I do other things. Wash it out completely and you’re set!

Using good products (price aside) means a higher likelihood of less damage to your hair. Using $1 shampoos and conditioners can contain a lot of sulfate and alcohol which is drying your hair out more. It also really depends on if you color your hair or not, and if you naturally have dry or oily hair. Shop around, look online at advice, or ask your hairdresser. Finding products that work for you may take awhile but once you do find them, you’re set for life!

All these products can be priced around at salons vs drugstores and even online beauty suppliers like and such so check around and see if you can get them cheaper!



The Art of… the Photo

13 Dec

The art of taking a good photograph is something everyone should be attempting and coveting. Since I was in a sorority all throughout college we were taking 1000 pictures at each event and there were always 20 cameras on you while you were doing the “sorority squat.” And let me tell you the “sorority squat” is NOT a flattering pose for a photo. Maybe it was Tyra’s infamous mention of the Smyze (smile with your eyes) or seeing just too many pictures of me with my eyes closed and/or looking pained. But I started paying closer attention to what I was doing when getting photographed. Ps. I blame facebook for all this. Remember when your friend could just take a photo and you’d never see it again (for better or for worse) but now your photos are plastered all over the internet whether you like it or not. So I find this important!

Here are some tips….

InStyle Magazine says:

1. Relax your muscles from head to toe. When you are tense, your shoulders go up, which is not flattering.

2. Turn on an angle. Whether you are standing or sitting, never have your knees directly facing the camera.

3. Choose your smile. I’ve used thousands of different smiles over my career, but two classics every woman should know are Marilyn Monroe’s big laugh (left) and Anita Ekberg’s subtle grin (right).

InStyle’s body-language expert shares a trick to losing that extra 10 lbs the camera adds, “Twist your torso, turning one should toward the camera and the other away from it… It makes you look very slender.”

But let’s be honest, Cameron is a pin regardless of her pose and always looks fabulous.

Another trick I’ve learned along the way is hide your drink in pictures. We literally called it the Red Cup Patrol in college. It never looks cute to see your empty drink sloshing all over the place and it’s not a picture you want splashed all over the internet–especially when applying for jobs. Let a good friend hold it, or hide it behind the friend who your posing with’s back (don’t set it down!).

Switch up your poses in pictures! When I look back in pictures I swear I’m doing the one-hand on hip pose in EVERY picture. Oops! So now I have learned what other poses look good and what I can and want to pull off and what I can’t. The one leg cross is cute on Emma Watson, but a little odd for just an everyday photo.  Although if I was wearing that fer-osh dress like she did at London Fashion Week I’d rock any pose I wanted.

The over-the-shoulder and the kiss-blow both are a little Hollywood for me. Claudia Schiffer and AnnaLynne McCord rock it on the red carpets but stick to simple, classic poses like tiltng your body 3/4 to the camera like Cameron did above and the one-hand on hip pose. But you can also make sure your face is most flattered by tricks like sticking your face out a little more than what is comfortable and tilting it ever-so-slightly down and to the side. By stretching your neck you lose any slight double-chin which could appear and it makes you look thinner, tilting your head to the side creates lines and shadowing which is more flattering than a straight face-forward photo. And try not to lift your head up too high because as Tyra said no one wants to look up your nostrils! That is not cute.

Lastly, here is a little tip I learned somewhere along my years. In my opinion, everyone loves the Olsen twins. I find them fascinating and true fashion influencers, and even though every once in a while I cringe when I see one of them in literally what looks like a potato sack and a top hat, overall they really jump-started the boho look, made Starbucks’ cups a fashion accessory and have the perfect pout. The secret to their perfect pout? …. Saying the word “prune.” Yes, this sounds weird, but try it. (I’ll admit it, I have! In my mirror alone, and was interrupted by my older brother who now thinks I’m crazy.) But the point is, it works and if you want the sultry pout that is so-perfected by the Olsens just say prune and snap away.

How gorgeous are they?! One more just because I love them.

Ok, so there are some tips for perfecting a photo… What are your secret tricks?!