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Beauty Inspiration: MK Olsen.

9 Jun

With humidity at an all time high in NYC I am looking for new ways to tame the beast that is hair frizz but after seeing this lovely MK Olsen photo I have decided to embrace the fly aways and make a beachy boho look out of it…

The best part about this style? It’s almost effortless! Wake up, spritz some summer shine with Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray ($22),  which will create texture and that just out of the ocean wave, take a 1.5″ section of hair on one side of your head and make a loose braid and secure with 2 criss-cross bobby pins. Pull hair into a low bun and take random strands out to mess up the look a bit. Remember, this isn’t a perfect look so don’t take too much time!

Apply a decent amount of bronzer, a coral lip for a lighter look and some heavy mascara while keeping the rest natural. If you want to bring the look from day to night add a bright red lip such as Maybelline’s Red Revival lipstick.


I know I’ll be using this glam yet easy look ALL summer long! Will you?


The Hair Saver.

15 Apr

If there was a list of products I would die without, this would absolutely be in the top five. Dry shampoo is a life saver for us always on the go girls and there is definitely one that stands above the rest…

Ojon Rub-Out Dry is a must-have, must-try, must-own type of product. At $10 for a 2 oz spray can, the price is hard to beat, but let’s be honest, I would pay much more. I have normal to dry hair so I never thought a dry shampoo would be necessary as I think it would be more useful for someone with oily hair and the need to freshen up weighed down hair. But with the damage done to my hair from coloring I have started to loosen up on shampoo-ing my hair to every other day in order to give it a little break and Ojon’s Dry Cleanser is the perfect way to transition into my new beauty switch.

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser keeps your hair looking fresh between washings or if you ever accidently put too much styling product in your hair. It also helps create texture if you want to create a messier look on freshly washed hair. The cleanser’s mix of white clay, silk powder, rice and potato starches removes the excess oil and helps restore the volume to your roots. According to their product details the cleanser reduces oils by up to 68% in one application.

What it comes down to is that last August I bought a 2 oz can at Sephora and despite reviews that the product gets backed up in aerosol nozzle, I have had no issues with it at all and it has actually lasted up until yesterday! That’s one bottle being used occasionally, not regularly, for $10 that lasted 8 months, insane! I have brought this product with me on beach vaca’s when I want to leave my hair natural, to music festivals with no showers to be found, and going on backpack-only weekend trips. I just shake the can, spray it on my roots, flip my hair over and massage the product into my scalp. I find it especially helps on the sides of my hair above my ears where my hair can get especially oily. It’s a fast fix for the days-in-between, but I’ll tell you now, if you expect this to fix hair unwashed for more than 2 days, I wouldn’t recommend it, mainly because that’s just not cute, and you should only go a max of one day without washing! (Harsh, but true).


Dry Cleanser is my life saver, do you have any products you couldn’t live without?

Just the Hair Necessities…

28 Jan

Maybe it’s working at a fashion magazine, or maybe it’s just living in New York City where in both cases every one you see seems to be gorgeous. And with that comes gorgeous hair. Now I tell myself every day “that is not the hair they’re born with, they color, cut and style to make it look that way.” Whether it’s the truth or not, I still will convince myself that in order to keep my hair sanity, but I was excited when fellow magazine Teen Vogue did an online project called “30 days of hair.” Each day a beauty team member posts about a product, a style, or an interview with a pro that has kept me coming back for more each day, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights I’ve found out so far!

First of all, besides white blondes mixed with greys, pinks, and all sorts of skittles colors being the main runway trends, for every day girls, natural colors are becoming more apparent and popular instead of streaky highlighted colors. Whether it’s the actual “trend” or it’s people wanting less maintenance during this economic time, I’m a fan. I used to have about 8 different colored highlights, lowlights and bases in my hair and have recently changed to an all-over color and I’m much happier. It’s an easier to up-keep and I prefer to have a continual color for when I wear my hair half-up, or in a ponytail.

Nicole Richie made the transition seamlessly thanks to her Joico salon professional.


Ken Paves, driven to fame by bff Jessica Simpson told Teen Vogue, “I always tell my clients to wash their hair at night, let it air dry, and then style it the next morning when the hair is completely dry and in its natural texture. Think about a noodle: When it’s dry, and you pull at it from both ends, it doesn’t break so easily, but when it’s wet and you pull, it quickly snaps. It’s the same type of idea with hair, and constantly tugging on damp hair plus the damaging effects of the heat will lead to breakage. Also, try to be gentler on the hair by working with your own natural texture instead of trying to force it to be something totally different.”

Whether it be from an intern’s schedule or not, I have started showering at night in order to savor my morning time and while I do still blow dry, I’ve started just blow drying the roots for some added volume and pinning it up while I sleep so my ends dry natural and lucky for me with a bit of a wave, but I don’t get that extra damage of zapping all moisture of my recently washed tresses.

For those of us braving winter winds, a Bumble & Bumble Stylist shares tips on what to do in order to avoid dreaded hat -hair, “Although it’s tough to regain volume or shape to your hair once it’s been flattened, it’s not impossible! Applying a little hot air is your best bet for giving hair a boost. If possible, keep a tiny travel blow-dryer in your locker, or if that isn’t possible, just flip your head and put it under the bathroom hand dryer for a few seconds. While the head is still upside down, add a little hairspray at the root, flip your hair over, and put it in place with your hands. (Don’t brush, as this can make the hair fall flatter. Tension makes the hair less elastic and causes it to fall.) If your hair gets a little greasy or damp under the hat, a dry shampoo or powder will give it a huge boost as well. Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder is an easy one to use and should only be applied to the roots.” I’ve used Bumble Hair Powder and found it slightly over priced for my liking, so I switched to a $10 dry shampoo spray Ojon that after 6 months has yet to clog and is available at any Sephora (can we say easy access!?).

Lastly a stylist from Herbal Essence puts in their two cents on how to get that coveted slightly-tousled waves look (complete with Herbal Essence product placement)…

1. “After washing, prep damp hair to create a foundation for the style. For thick hair, try the Tousle Me Softly Mousse and the Finishing Touch Cream. Finer haired girls may prefer the Spray Gel – be sure to hold it back from the head so it casts a wide net for more control. Comb product through hair with a wide-tooth comb.

2. Lean your head to the side and blow-dry with a basket diffuser to create more volume in the middle and bottom sections of your hair. If your hair is straight, you may want to use a slightly smaller curling iron than the curl you are looking to achieve for more hold. If it’s curly, pull the curl out of the roots with a round brush and a blow-dryer first, and then soften the ends with a curling iron.A great rule of thumb to use when styling hair is that heat changes the shape and cold air sets it in.

3. A smaller roller or curling iron creates a tighter, more intense curl and a larger roller or curling iron creates a lighter wave and more volume. The section of hair curled should be proportionate to the size of the tool you’re working with. Curl two inch sections of hair, rolling the curling iron mid-way up. Hold for five seconds and release. Gently brush out curls with your fingers. Lightly mist with Hairspray for a light, flexible hold that will keep the style. To polish the look, apply the Finishing Touch Cream to the ends for more definition or to control flyaways.”


So there you go loves, some hair care info courtesy of Teen Vogue, but shortened to highlight just the best info!

Photos and quotes from Teen Vogue Online and Lavie Boston

Sealed with a Pin.

9 Jan

Via a Twitter friend, I was linked to the below picture of Sephora’s Online Senior Art Director’s cute way of tying her braid: a safety pin! Now, I bet this would only stay put in certain not-too-thick, not-too-thin hair types, but I think it’s really original and a fun way to add some personal style to a classic look, or to get your hair pinned back at work when you’ve forgotten a hair band and the supply closet is open for the taking.

Try it out for yourself and check out the Sephora blog, maybe they’ll post more fun looks soon!

Via Sephora

The Art of… Great Hair Part 2

1 Jan

So now that the sequins are worn, the champagne is gone, and we are all amped on starting a whole new year it is time to start it off right with some great hair! We can continue to covet Jennifer Aniston’s hair as much as we want, but color, cut, and preparations aside, styling is the most important part since it’s working with what you have!! I color my hair far too many times a year so my hair is already really damaged to begin with so I need to extra protect my hair when applying heat, so here’s some tips…

Hint: this post is SUPER long so I’ve bolded main topics so if you want to skip to ones you’re more curious about you can!

1. Use a hair twist towel instead of a regular towel to cut down on frizz and damage!

Since I switched to using a towel twist, turbie twist, hair towel like the above, my frizz has totally been cut down (not entirely, but a significant amount!) Using a regular towel is rough on your hair and can help break the cuticle which leads to split ends and frizziness. A set of 2 at BB&B is only $10, so it’s totally worth it!

2. ALWAYS use heat protectant!!

Seriously, could not be more important, not using a protectant before applying heat just destroys your hair. I could not live without my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum ($16, on Folica). I never used product because I thought it would weigh down my hair but I use just the tiniest drop (smaller than a pea) and use it from below my crown to my ends and it never makes my hair flat or greasy. The Skinny Serum adds shine, cuts down on frizz and cuts my hair drying time in half (which is important because less heat=less damage). It’s also, obviously a heat protectant and can be used before both straightening or curling!

There are lots of great ones out there like Redkin Satinwear Blow Dry Finish and John Frieda or Bumble & Bumble but this the Paul Mitchell is the one I recommend most and is the least greasy in my opinion. Plus, it totally smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Yum!!

3. Blow dry in different directions.

I don’t have any specific recommendations for hair dryers themselves (comment if you do!) because I think they’re really all the same, as long as you have one with a diffuser, I think it’s fine. But if you “confuse” your hair by using a paddle brush to blow dry your hair in all directions (like pulling it forward, then back, then up and then with your hair flipped down) I find you get a lot more natural volume!

You can use a volumizing mousse too but sometimes they get sticky and I don’t like using too much product but I do like Tresemme’s volumizing one from the drugstore if I do use one.

4. Use a second heat protectant specifically for straightening or curling!

I’ve noticed since using an additional heat protectant I get the desired affect much faster and it stays better too. Again, like blow drying, the protectant lets me use less heat which cuts down on the damage. Whenever I straighten my hair I use got2b’s Crazy Sleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion ($7, on Folica) or I got buy one-get one free at my Safeway for like $5 the last time I bought it.

The spray is kind of streamlined so I normally spray it on my hands and then run it through my hair (avoiding roots) and it works better than if I spray it on. It really makes my hair stay stick straight throughout the day, as opposed to when I don’t use it and my naturally wavy hair will show up half way through the day.

When I curl my hair I’m absolutely in love with Kenra’s Thermal Styling Spray, ($12.99, on Folica) but mine was only $10 at my local beauty store. I recently found out that using a good setting spray before curling can actually help keep the curls in tact better than using just a hair spray at the end. The bottle says you can use it after you’re done curling as a hair spray but I don’t.

Spray this directly on your hair before curling and brush it out to prevent stiffness. My curls stay in tact all day long and actually overnight sometimes too. I do have a natural wave to my hair so it is easier to curl than those with straight hair but this product has really made a difference with preventing my curls from falling flat.

As a rule, always let a spray heat protectant dry for around three minutes (normally the time it takes for your styling tool to heat up) in order to prevent burning your hair like you would if you used it on wet hair.

5. Use proper tools!

Styling tools, just like shoes and purses, are something that I will never skimp on money-wise. I’ve tried buying the cheap alternatives, and they never work as well for me. I’ve literally gone to Target and bought then returned! three curling irons in the last few months and I will never, ever stray from my new Hot Tools Curling Iron. I really didn’t want to spend the money on it because I thought that since I had semi-curly hair I wouldn’t need a strong one, but really there is no competition in my eyes. I caved and spent the $40 on a Hot Tools Curling Iron. Since then I’ve found many places that sell them a lot cheaper! like Folica, which range from  $23-$35 depending on the size.

I could seriously do an entire post on this amazing tool because it’s that great. First of all it heats up in 30 seconds, has a great spring and curls my hair in 10 seconds. Pretty amazing. The heat is adjustable depending on how hard it is to curl your hair, I use setting 4, but it goes up to 10. You do have to be careful because it gets SUPER hot, I actually burned my shoulder last week and have a nasty little burn mark which is not cute, but just be really attentive when using it (unlike me)!

For bigger curls I use a 1-1/4″ inch because my hair is below my shoulders but not super long. The longer your hair the bigger of a barrel you’ll want- like 1-1/2″ or 2″ and for shorter hair or more spiral-y curls you’ll want a smaller barrel.

I love this because I can have really big curls and set them with hairspray as I go along with my 1-1/4″ or I can wait till I’m done, hairspray my hair and then use my wide tooth comb to lightly brush them out and it turns out as just beach-y big waves. Love it. So worth it, cannot recommend this curler more.

As for straighteners, I’m not the biggest fan of mine right now, I got it at my beauty supply store and loved it because it was all pink but I’m in the market for a new one. Trying to save up for a ghd straightener, which I hear are the best, but we’ll see. Comment if you have recommendations for a better, more affordable straightener.

As for hair spray I have a John Frieda one that is travel-size that I use, or a Kenra one, or some pink $5 one from Target. I don’t have one that I love but I hear great things about the L’Oreal Elnett hairspray, $15, that is used for runways a lot but I haven’t gotten around to buying it. I just buy whatever is relatively well-priced that doesn’t have too much alcohol (which dries out your hair) and since I have good pre-heat products, hair spray isn’t as important at the end.

Overall, these are my recommendation for great hair. I’ve used them all personally and I bought them all myself so I have no alternate interest to recommending these products. I hope you find products that work well for you and comment any suggestions you have for other people that have worked for you! Now go out and have a great hair day!

Photos from and BB&B website.

Braid Envy

27 Dec

A behind the scenes Alexander Wang photograph gives me such braid envy… and that is my last braid-lust photo because I think I mention the Wang Braid far too much… But really, how great is it?!


Hair: The Best of the S/S’10 Runway.

16 Dec

The Spring Runways were filled with beautiful styles that are fun, chic and a little out of control. So I picked some of my favorites that were shown on today… see which one is your favorite…

Milly by Michelle Smith has incorporated a few of my favorite things into one look: and easy pony transformed into a chic look with the addition of an oversized bow (I love bows, duh.), simple natural makeup and an embellished layered necklace. A Madonna 80’s vibe is present but not overpowering and these aspects paired with a cute strapless LBD would be a fantastic party look. Vote: Super chic and super cute. Will try ASAP.

The faux-bob by Tuleh. Very 40’s glam and a great alternative for the girl who refuses to cut her hair. Big velcro rollers, lots of bobby pins and an excessive amount of hairspray will create this Jackie-O look. Vote: a little too maternal for me.

For the daring and not light at heart. Lavin rocked the runway with high hair and dark eyes, the combo together: fab. The combo while walking to your local S-bucks: a little severe and intimidating. Vote: Wear it with confidence and killer heels.

Who knew pigtails could be sexy? Prada has miraculously turned this kindergarten staple into a diva-worthy look. Still semi-casual, still semi-light, but definitely a rocker twist on the cute classic that would look great with a (faux) leather bomber, ankle booties and of course, the red lip. Pairing the look with bubble-gum pink lips and shimmery cheeks just won’t cut it past the fourth grade. Vote: Wear it with an edge.

Last but certainly not least the crème de la crème of Spring 2010 runway hair: Alexander Wang. Yes, I’m pretty sure this is my third reference to the long braid and you know my stance. But really? A Spring ’10 runway hair rundown without the braid? I don’t think so. Love the messy look of the side braid (unlike Blake Lively’s severe version at the Emmy’s) and romance it portrays. Vote: Keep it messy, keep it long, keep it forever.

That’s my “luscious locks” rundown of the Spring 2010 runway. Which is your fave?

All photos from