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Color Covet: Ashley Greene.

8 Oct

In the last 10 years I have dyed my hair almost every color under the sun: bright blonde, strawberry red, and multiple hues of brunette. As of this February I decided to keep my hands off my hair and give it a little color rest. My lightly highlighted brunette hair is as natural as I assume my color to be but I am itchy to get back to the bottle. While Rachel, LC, and Whitney are rocking the Summer’s hottest trend of ombre hair, I’m more coveting another Hollywood star’s look: Ashley Greene.

The Twilight star has the most gorgeous, natural looking highlights that I am absolutely lusting after. Ashley’s blonde-brunette hue is extremely complimentary on most skin tones and transitions through the seasons. When I had blonde hair, I felt the need to always have a tan and when I had dark chocolate brown hair I missed the light, bright feel during the summer. And red, is definitely a no-go for anyone with pink toned skin! This balance is absolutely adorable and I think I’ll be headed to a salon soon to reinterpret this for myself.


This mark beauty brand ambassador is the epitome of elegance in Young Hollywood and she is absolutely spot on with her hair and make up during events.Ashley perfects the beauty balance: bold lip, neutral face or a smokey eye with a nude lip. My favorite products include MAC’s Jubilee lipstick for a nude lip, or Maybelline’s lipstain in Feelin’ Rosy for a bright raspberry pout. Ashley often shows off her pretty face with a strapless neckline and eye catching earrings. Keep skin looking glam with light foundation, some peachy-pink blush and lots and lots of mascara and you will look eternally young a la Alice Cullen!

Photo from TheSkinny.


3 Styles to Step into Chic

13 Sep

Shoes are the epitome of a fashionista’s closet. I could buy buy buy and never get sick of shoes! I stumbled upon a few this New York Fashion Week that I am coveting beyond belief!

1. Aldo Spring clogs for Erin Fetherston S/S 2011

Love the clog feel but with a fun spring wedge twist! Studding on the side is super chic and I find the below style of one the most comfortable way to wear heels! Although we all know that heels aren’t really about comfort, right?

2. Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz S/S 2011

Ok, now you have to ignore the horrendously chipped nail polish but WOW, aren’t these heels stunners?!  Love the laid-back sling-back look paired with the elegant, lady-like feel in the front! It’s the best of both worlds! This is one serious heel but I think it’s worth it, I’m already picturing the outfit pairings just as Spring is coming along next year.

3. Jeffrey Campbell for LF Litas in Cheetah

These lovely Litas will only be available at LF stores nationwide and without a doubt this will sell FAST! The remind me of a mix of the coveted Alexander Wang leopard print with the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms with a chic twist of a boot. They are absolutely a statement piece and will be coveted by personal style bloggers everywhere. They’re officially out, so go get ’em!


I love and would gladly sport any one of these stylish shoes. Some of the above more attainable than others: in style, price, and accessibility but they are all on my must-have list.

Source: various NYFW Twitpics and Shiny Plastic.

The Fall 2010 “It” Shoe: Pierre Hardy for GAP.

26 Aug

If I didn’t love my Everyday to Runway readers, I absolutely would NOT be sharing this information but since you’ll most likely figure it out either way, I figure I can at least aid in the covet-ation process. Yes, covet-ation is now a word. (Are we sure, it’s not Friday yet?). Anyways, this must-have and soon to be sold-out shoe is from none of than…

Yep. The Gap. Pierre Hardy x Gap is coming out with chic after cute shoe and I have finally found a pair that I will not live without.

The bottom left black peep toe lace up wedge bootie is absolute mass perfection. The collection will be released on October 19th, and fashionistas assume that just like last fall’s collection, they will sell out before you’ve even set your eyes on them. My new covet shoe is priced at $195, which is a little steeper than I was hoping or predicting, but hopefully that means the quality is also higher. As for the rest of the collection, cute, totally on trend, but for me I like a classic piece that I can revisit easily when I’m spending more than $100 on a non-investment piece.

I know I’m awaiting the release date: week late birthday present? Will you be (attempting to) pick them up too?!


Photo from


The It Bag.

19 Apr

As we all know, Alexa Chung is absolutely one of the “it” girls of fashion, her style is tomboy chic with chunky jackets paired with short shorts, messy hair paired with floral minis and biker boots, and throughout it all, she is consistently carrying one bag…

The Mulberry Alexa Bag.

This beautiful buttery leather transformational bag is the epitome of boho chic. The yummy light coffee color can pair perfect with spring pastels all through deep fall emeralds. The long strap can make it an over the shoulder, cross body, or the smaller strap can make it a handheld. It’s the perfect combination.

I was lucky enough to drool over my friend Katie’s pink leopard Alexa bag yesterday at brunch and fell absolutely in love.

Grainy pic via iPhone, but still you can see the soft leather that folds in all the right places. The gold hardware dresses up the bag and the buckles make it oh so cute. I love that this is such a statement bag, yet it’s not too ostentatious that you look obnoxious carrying it around. It’s the beautiful balance of stylish yet fun. The magenta color is also super hot for Spring this year.

The Alexa comes in two sizes, original and oversized and depending on the style, comes in either 6-8 colors.

Overall, this bag is an absolute covet piece at $1150 but it has recently been recognized as the best selling bag Mulberry has ever had, so I see I’m not alone with my covet crush. The bag now comes in many more colors than when first released and I am 100% in love with this deep cobalt blue beauty. Hint: If you happen to want to get me a gift, this would be the perfect choice! But since it’ll be awhile until my next birthday, I’ll just settle for lusting over my friend’s and hopefully, she won’t mind! (Thanks Katie!)


Tips to Toes…

16 Mar

Any Fashionista loves a good mani/pedi but these days it’s hard to scrounge up that extra green for something that seems, well, frivolous in comparison to that new chain strap purse or even, the nude pumps in my previous post!

I told myself, if I did my own manicure and pedicure for two months I could splurge on some new shoes… well not only did I fulfill my side of the promise, but when I went to buy the shoes, since I had waited so long, they were 30% off! Could not have asked for a better deal and because of it I am rewarding myself with a major spa treatment, or you know, the nice girls around the corner with the Weekend Deals, to an actual manicure and pedicure worthy of the fantastic Spring weather arising!

So what color have I decided on?

Front to Back, Left to Right: Tart Deco, Neo Whimsical, Red Nouveau, Van D’Go, Pop Art Pink, and Lilacism.

Ok, not all of them, I’m not trying to be a tropical Skittles  bag here… but I am absolutely coveting essie’s new Spring Collection of pretty polishes.

I am intensely torn between the bottom left, tart deco and the one behind it, neo whimsical. The punchy coral-orange adds a mimosa-reminiscent pop which has me craving Sunday mornings, while neo whimsical and lilacism makes me think of coloring Easter eggs and downing Cadbury candies. The rest are perfect transition colors for your tips and toes while the weather slowly starts warming up and we count the hours until sandal season.

So that’s my mission to my readers… give up something you love for a reasonable amount of time and then treat yourself! It makes the reward that much more fun because you haven’t had it in awhile, and you save your wallet a little bit too! I’ll let you know how my tart deco pedicure looks in my new zip-front 5″ heels!

Photo from essie

Front Row Dreams.

28 Feb

Attending New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and since this season was the last showing in the Park, I was distraught that my dream would never come true. In case you’re not aware, New York Fashion Week will be moved to Lincoln Center come Fall. Reasons such as space and “outgrowing the environment” were the main concern is what I’m told but I think the fashion community will really miss the iconic location of Bryant Park and the transition might not go as seamlessly as they’re hoping…  but only time will tell!

In order to host New York Fashion Week Bryant Park spends ten days erecting the tents, which then holds eight days of high fashion shows, ending with five days of cleanup. Aside from one season at Chelsea Piers, the Week has always been held in Bryant Park.

I was overwhelmed with gratefulness when a former roommate and great friend of mine from when we studied in Italy, offered me a ticket to attend the Twinkle by Wenlan show in the Promenade in the tents. I had heard of the line from researching a former post and knew to expect classic shapes, cute prints and mostly girlie pieces. Mainly, I was excited that I would be one of the first number of people to see the debuting Fall 2010 collection. It’s amazing to think of the effort and time spent working on the fifteen-twenty minutes I was about to witness, months and months of planning go into a time slot that is shorter than an MTV episode.

How fashion week works is that over a week of time there are shows, presentations, gatherings and after-parties all presented by designers and sponsors and sometimes hosted by a celebrity. Throughout the week editors and major influencers run all across Manhattan to make it in time for their selected shows and truly this year the shows were ALL over the city. Erin Wasson’s show was presented in ABC Carpet with unassigned seating and couches and carpets for chairs, Rebecca Minkoff had her presentation during the night of the Blizzard of 2010 where guests trekked through half a foot of snow in order to see her latest leather and stud creations, while the shows that need to host the most amount of people are situated right in the tents within the Park.

Presentations are where models stand around (usually), displaying the clothing, purses, shoes, accessories etc of their designer. There is no runway to walk down but it is normally paired with champagne and left to create a cocktail atmosphere, so these occur in little venues across Manhattan namely Mac&Milk Studios or the random adorable SoHo stop. The shows which garner the most attention due to the space for celebrity seating and the plethora of high-profile editors are always in The Tent, The Promenade or The Salon. From largest to smallest, these are the three tents in Bryant Park and the place to see and be seen.

The Twinkle by Wenlan show was presented in the Promenade which meant I was able to experience the Tents for my first and last time. In the tents there were booths set up by Chambord, Tresseme, Maybelline, Diet Coke, all handing out samples and attempting to lure you to their booths. Alcohol was pounced on by all those there more for the atmosphere than the shows. My friend and I dashed right to the check-in presented our names and were given our seat ticket. We were able to sit down but let’s be honest, if you’re not sitting in the front row, your seat assignment truly does not matter. I chose to stand in order to get best visibility to take photos for my lovely readers…. here’s my slideshow of the Twinkle show.

After I had said my goodbyes and parted with Bryant Park, a few hours later I was stunned to hear I was also invited to the Hervé Léger show the following afternoon. I knew that this was a much more high profile show in which all the editors would be attending in order to see the new line of bandage and body con dresses. I knew the general shape I would be seeing, but I was much more excited to experience a packed show and see the new materials, colors and intricacies that would be presented for Fall. I also didn’t mind the celeb spotting of major editors, Sophia Bush, Jessica Szohr, Tinsley Mortimer, Alison Brie, The Sartorialist, Tavi and more.

Unfortunately, I have not nearly as many photos as I would like to have and many aren’t as great as I would like them to look, but below is the slideshow of Hervé Léger by BCBG

Overall, experiencing New York Fashion week is an amazing opportunity. Yes, I would like to be in the front row, but I’m no Tavi or BryanBoy, so I will wait and pay my dues and just be lucky I could attend at all. The energy is magical and I could not be more grateful have been given the opportunity to attend shows at the last showing of Bryant Park. I hope you enjoyed my recap even if it is a little late. Comment below anything else you would like to know about NYFW! XOX

The Fame Monster.

18 Feb

An amazing friend of mine from college has decided to put her Gaga obsession to good use and instead of just walking around blaring “Just Dance” through her headphones, she has created these Little Monsters….

I love the Lady as much as any girl and if I could I would go all-out on my fashion as well on a daily basis if I did not think it would legitimately get me fired… but with that said, I think her fashion is almost underrated in a way. Yes, she now garners as much attention for what “wacky” outfit will she wear next as she does for that ridiculous gorgeous voice of hers but for me, her fashion is misunderstood. When I first saw photos of her in that outlandish Kermit outfit, I thought the girl was clinically insane. It wasn’t until I heard her explaining the fact that her wearing the Kermit jacket was a statement about wearing fur. Gaga thinks that people who wear fur look like a muppet and in turn she wore Kermit.

I mean, she’s brilliant but in a way most people do not understand. So here’s my tribute to Gaga and of course to my friend Margaret who painted these beauties.

In case you want to order one, and really, who wouldn’t, Margaret sells them through her email She has been working with people to decide certain images and which text or song lyric to include as well as colors.


Gaga gifted her little monsters a tattoo, the least you can do is show your fandom through a work of art as well!

… because she’ll chase you down until you love her.