Perfection in a Tube.

15 Jan

Thanks to InStyle online I was introduced this morning to my new best friend: the NARS Orgasm Illuminator.

NARS Orgasm has been around the block since before I started wearing makeup but this new shimmery tube of goodness will be all mine… Ok it won’t because it’s available everywhere NARS is sold starting later this month, but I can pretend, right?

For those of you under the proverbial (beauty) rock, NARS Orgasm is a blush that is said to flatter all skin tones with a peachy-pink punch guaranteed to give you a flush that is well.. you get the picture. I bought it when I was in high school and yes, it was a color that I gave it’s time all the way until I hit pan and then desperately needed to refill. But a few years ago I stopped using powder blush as a daily application. Powder blush for me really pigments the second your brush hits your skin and then it’s harder to blend and make it so you don’t look like you have doll-like blush circles on your cheeks.

I moved into the realm of cream blushes which in my experience blends better yet still has the same deep pigmentation, if not deeper than powder blush. And now my prayers have been answered. The NARS Orgasm Illuminator is a mix of cream blush and highlighter that looks deep in color but also gives off that slight shimmer reflection that is oh-so-coveted. Highlighters are tricky because they can be too white, too pink or make you look like you just teleported from middle school with all that glitter. By mixing the blush and the highlighter we have a) a time saver and b) a way to eliminate the white factor from most highlighters due to the fact that it is built into the peachy cream. Modeled by Ms. Amber Valleta above, you can see how cream blush can be blended and contoured and how the highlighting aspect can work wonders on those cheekbones.

I will definitely be running out the day it’s released to get my hands (or cheeks) on this perfect product dedicated to the perfect blush. But what do you think? Does combining the highlighter and cream blush into a single tube excite you as much as it does me?

Stay tuned for my review later this month…

Photo from InStyle online


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