The Customizable Concealer.

18 May

In every girl’s makeup case there are a few beauty products that are absolute essentials. These are the products that we use not only daily, but religiously. The products that we buy a replacement of before we’re even out. The products that we may even stock up on in the off-chance the product gets discontinued. I have a few of these cannot-live-without products in my makeup case and as of Sunday a brand new one has been added to my list.

Temptu products have been on my beauty radar for a few months now after hearing about their airbrushing systems. Temptu is known for their flawless foundations, bright blushes, and the ability to create realistic body art such as covering DeNiro in tattoos in Scorcese’s Cape Fear. In 1996, Temptu released one of the first airbrushing systems, which can not only be used in Hollywood but also for bridal and eventually, every day use!

Temptu promises to perfect, enhance and even, adorn skin through their airbrushing systems. Temptu was even used in 2007 by Steven Meisel in Italian Vogue to create a tattooed-edgy look on his supermodels. Since then their airbrushing has been used on countless television shows (Gossip Girl, Despereate Housewives), movies (DaVinci Code, X-Men), and as of this year consumers can now buy Temptu products online!

But when it comes to my new must-have product, I officially cannot live without their concealer wheel. The five tone concealer palette can cover the darkest of under eye circles, erase the reddest blemish, and cover any unsightly vein you would ever want to forget about. This concealer is so perfect you could layer and layer and eventually, cover up even a tattoo! Temptu boasts this wheel as being a hand-applied weightless concealer that will cover most anything without drying out skin, and I could not describe it better myself. Most concealers either cake or dry up after a few hours, but this silicone based concealer is creamy and customizable to most skin tones!

Temptu Concealer Wheel, $22.

I mix and match depending on the area I am trying to conceal and despite having very dry skin, this palette continues to surprise me with it’s staying power and almost hydration-like quality.

Loving this product is not hard, finding it on the other hand is slightly more difficult. After scouring online I found a few makeup sites that sell this wheel but it does not seem like the easiest product to get your hands on. But let me tell you, I will now do anything to keep this in my makeup case despite the possibly great lengths it might take.

This wheel is on my must-have list, do you have a concealer that’s on yours?


FTC Disclaimer: This product was given to me for free to review. But all opinions are my own. I am not being compensated for this post.


2 Responses to “The Customizable Concealer.”

  1. Lisa Grassetti May 19, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    I have heard about this Temptu product for an airbrush foundation. I was wondering do you have to cover your hair all the time and does it spray all over things other than your face? Intersting product and sounds like it really works nice. @ladylisa1 on twitter I didn’t even know about the concealer wheel. One more thing is the makeup light on your face or is it like tv makeup?

    • everydaytorunway May 20, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

      This specific concealer wheel works without the airbrushing system as a finger or brush product. As for the airbrushing system: I personally have not used it on myself but at the Makeup Show I saw that the spray is so light and so direct that it really goes straight to where you are spraying it. For example, when applying eyeshadow, the color when only on the lid as opposed to going all over the eye and then having to remove the excess. The nice thing about these airbrushing systems is that you can apply as little or as much as you want. If you want just a light coverage you have a light spray and only do one “coat.” If you want heavier coverage, you can have a thicker spray and apply more than one coat (waiting 2 minutes in between.) This concealer wheel works the same way as a layer-able product!

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