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Zip It Up

10 Nov

While doing my daily peruse of Shopbop, I found these ah-dorable Marc by Marc Jacobs Zipper Studs.

These golden goodies are currently on sale for $40 on Shopbop! They’re studs so they’re not too overpowering but they’re kitschy and cute.

Best part is, you can also DIY them!

1. Go to a local craft store and purchase any shiny, matching zipper tabs. (I prefer gold for the season!)

2. Sand down the backs of the zipper with any sand paper. This removes the shininess and creates a more adhesive back.

3. Super gun earring posts for studs, or earring hooks for dangling earrings to the back of the zipper tabs which can be found at any jewelry store.

4. Let dry overnight and zip up an edgy look the next morning!


I love any project that I can make my own. It’s always so much fun to say “I made it!” when people ask where I got something. These earrings are the simplest of DIYs and also a fun change of jewelry! I will be testing these out as soon as I find the cutest of zipper tabs at a local craft store. What do you think? Would you rock this DIY?


Images courtesy of Shopbop & Beading Gem.


The Little Black Wedge

28 Oct

Every girl needs a little black wedge: stylish, comfortable, and sleek. Though I’m personally addicted to my Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks Wedge seen here and here, I recently discovered a new one!

Aldo’s Calcagni Wedge ($110) is all of the above. This perfect platform can be paired with skinnies, tights, or glammed up with an LBD. I love an transitional shoe that can work for both the (casual) office and night and at only $100, this is actually affordable and practical! (Although who wants to be practical when it comes to heels?!)

My ultimate outfit with the Calcagni would be black jean leggings, a silver sequin tank and a mini moto jacket. Slightly edgy, slightly feminine and a whole lotta height! Sadly for me, Aldo does not make 1/2 sizes and I am an exact 8.5. But word is, these heels are uber-comfy due to the front platform so I figured I should spread the good word! ♥

The Master of the Fantastic.

11 Feb

“When I’m dead, hopefully this house will still be going. On a spaceship.” –Alexander McQueen in the new LOVE Magazine

Seems eerie that Lee Alexander McQueen would make this comment only weeks prior to ending his own life.

There are times when we hear news of a actor, singer, designer, or someone passing who we may not know personally, but due to the nature of their business we have personally connected to in some way. This is how I feel about the passing of Lee McQueen. His work transcends  fashion boundaries, and I can honestly say the SS ’10 runway show changed my entire opinion on fashion and vision. From prior posts you can see my love for McQueen’s collection, and particularly his armadillo-shoes were a main focus of my Spotlight posts.

This is not a breaking news post, because unless you are under a rock you’ve heard of his passing, so I will just give you the basics. This morning in London he was found allegedly hung from his ceiling at only 40 years old. His mother passed away last week and from his tweets you can tell it hit him extremely hard. This is only three years after his mentor, fashion savior, and close friend Isabella Blow committed suicide by drinking weed killer after hearing she had ovarian cancer. He never seemed to fully recover from these incidents and took to his presentations to dedicate his work towards the life and loss of those close to him.

While Anna Wintour shares with The Cut, “We are devastated to learn of the death of Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest talents of his generation. He brought a uniquely British sense of daring and aesthetic fearlessness to the global stage of fashion. In such a short career, Alexander McQueen’s influence was astonishing — from street style, to music culture and the world’s museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss.” British Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman, stated regarding McQueen that “at one level he was a master of the fantastic, creating astounding fashion shows that mixed design, technology and performance and on another he was a modern-day genius whose gothic aesthetic was adopted by women the world over.” He was genuinely admired and loved.

Please, if you are unfamiliar with his work check out his past, and especially his SS’10 collection which can be regarded as nothing short of genius. I am sadden to hear that his 3pm presentation today for NYFW was cancelled and I can only hope that his runway show in Paris in a few weeks will continue to go on so we can see what he was last working on.


The fashion world will never be the same as we will be missing a true visionary.


Photo and quote from The Telegraph

PS. I WANT to Make This

1 Feb

Erica Domesek of PS. I Made This, which has been linked on my blogroll since the beginning of Everyday to Runway, made the genius move of DIY-ing or DYE-ing a Proenza Schouler look a like. Erica paired with Who What Wear, another amazing must-read style website, to create the look below…

Check out the rest of Erica’s WhoWhatWear’s full post here

I have been coveting the Proenza tie-dye shirt on the right since seeing it on the runway, and even Kristen Stewart and Tavi sporting it won’t turn my interest away. As a San Francisco native, I’ve always been a major tie-dye lover. I blame it on Haight Street, but this S/S season the colorful swirls will be in full effect and I’m one happy (wannabe) hippie. Tie-dying is such a fun warm day activity and so easy. I love being able to say I made the top/dress/skirt/sheets that I’m rocking and knowing that it’s one of a kind! If you’re new to tie-dye buy a plain white dress and use some black or navy dye to create a calmer look, or if you’re more daring try dye-ing a white flouncy mini skirt with pinks, oranges, and yellows and pairing it with a white tank for a super cute spring look.

Celebrities have been rocking the look and it’s gaining more and more hype. Fergie and Rihanna went with tie-dye jeans for an interesting but not my favorite look. If they were short-shorts paired with a flowy white tank, I could see it being cute. But full on tie-dye jeans or leggings just seem like more middle-school mess than super sweet and chic.

Once you start tie-dying more often you can test out new ways of creating the print, whether dipping it in a full color, using the “sunburst” effect, marbles, spirals, stripes and more! But for now here are some looks you can get without having to dye your hands bright blue…

This OP Dress is only $12!

While this more daring yet still neutral mini from Parker’s is $188.


Tie-dye is everywhere and if you want to be summer cool you should try this look too. Pair any tie-dye with embellished flats, and a fun beachy hat and you’ve got insta-chic this spring…. Yes, I’m aware it’s just February 1st, but here’s my output to the world that spring should come early… Groundhog Day is tomorrow, you know!


Photos from WhoWhatWear, OP, Bloomingdales, FabSugar, DenimBlog

The Brunette Bombshell.

1 Feb

There is absolutely no hiding my flat out love for Nicole Richie. If you asked me my opinion on her a few years ago, the words that would’ve come up would definitely be the antonyms of my current adjectives. The neon extensions have been replaced with the most perfect shade of cocoa, the midriff baring concert tees have been replaced with Versace, and her wildly reported life has been replaced by an aww-worthy family photo. Could not love her, or her style more.

This month Nicole is featured in UK Marie Claire and she looks crazy amazing!

Versace top and skirt.

House of Harlow jacket, LnA shirt, Mardou & Dean jeans.

Giles Deacon dress.

DSquared mini.

The last photo is just jaw-dropping. She has really transformed herself into being an amazing fashion icon. I hope she starts gracing more U.S. covers now that her House of Harlow line has become a hit and her star factor is more focused on her family and style than her antics. A+ Nicole.

Photos from ONTD.

For the Love of Vintage.

8 Jan

Jessica of the fantastic What I Wore has compiled a website titled Vintage Where? which will help all us vintage shoppers out when attempting to find a hidden gem in a new city, or our own city! Jessica shared that many vintage stores end up closing because people keep them a secret, so they can benefit, but what ends up often happening is that they close due to lack of customers, and then we all lose, and that’s sad! So by sharing with friends, they generate more business, in turn getting more merchandise and we all win! Yes, that works for me.

Check out the site, and add your favorite vintage stores where you live!

This website is still in the very beginning stages with only a few stores listed right now. But the more of us that post our secret shops, the larger the directory, and the better the website for all! I will definitely be using this website before I go out scouring!

Grace Coddington: The Vogue Visionary

20 Dec

As a girl who has wanted to live in a magazine all my life, I jumped at the opportunity to see The September Issue, a film that truly is a must-see for anyone even remotely interested in fashion or fashion journalism. The real stand out of the film, (besides Andre Leon Talley’s snip-its) was Grace Coddington, Vogue‘s Creative Director, who raised that perfectly arched eyebrow every time her ideas were dismissed but who created some of the most brilliant ideas with her seemingly out there mind hidden behind a mass amount of frizzy red hair. I wanted to share this article about Grace that divulges even deeper into her point of view without the main focal point being does Anna hate Grace and vice versa that The September Issue plays.

Grace Coddington: the Vogue visionary – Times Online.