Huge Lips, Skinny Hips.

11 Jan

The lovely and amazing people at Purple Lab NYC were kind enough to send me a sample of their widely regarded hit product “Huge Lips, Skinny Hips.” I had been seeing this new lip product on many “favorites of ’09 lists” but had yet to try it myself due to the lack of local store in Northern California (I now realize you can buy it online, bah).

Huge Lips, Skinny Hips had me at the name, I was so curious as to what that actually entailed that I googled it immediately. Lucky for me Purple Lab NYC let us all in on their secret on their 411 page! The gloss is basically a miracle worker:

1. It plumps your lips without stinging. How many of us have tried lip venoms and lip plumpers that burn so badly you literally want to rip your lips off your face?! I have, and I was not happy about it. I was actually slightly concerned with this factor before my first application but I was shocked to feel a slight light tingle that had more of a bubbly effect than burning, which is 110% better (obviously!). I literally can see a difference in the size of my lips, but the lemon peel oil creates a cooling effect to counteract the Vitamin B3 which increases blood flow to the lips, hence plumping… Genius.

2. It’s moisturizing. When I can apply it once and not have to re-apply it for six hours in dead winter in New York City, that is unbelievable! I normally am addicted to my Carmex every hour on the hour, until now.

3. It’s shiny and smooth, not sticky or plastic-y. I love clear lip gloss, wear it on its own, wear it over something, it’s great. But the majority of the time clear gloss is so sticky that light breeze and your hair is stuck on your lips (not cute), and then you have legit goop in your hair (ugh).

4. IT BOOTS YOUR METABOLISM. Like, what?! HOW BRILLIANT. What do girls love more than chocolate… let us bring back Kate Moss’ “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” While I may not believe that, I do believe that Hoodia is able to mimic the effect of your brain telling you you’re full. For me, it’s more about thinking about the fact that it’s an appetite suppressor so I don’t want that extra cookie, rather than it be an actual appetite suppressant.

The 411 page has the more specific information regarding why it works but all I have to know is that it’s not sticky, it plumps my lips up, and it boosts my metabolism, an amazing combination sealed into a little bottle.

While I am now the owner of the non-color No Panty Lines (above), HLSH also comes in tinted colors. From the video on their website,  you can see how these colors are designed to flatter all skin tones, and what each color might look like if your skin tone is close to any of the product tester’s shade. Their red tinted color Red Sole was inspired by the ever-popular Christian Louboutin sole; it seems like it’s less of a fire-engine red look-at-me color, and more of a cherry bitten shade, which is perfect for everyday. Worship Kate is inspired by Kate Moss, which seems pretty perfect given what the product does and her famous quote. And Kitty Pole Dancer, despite it’s racy name, gives only a glimmer of peachy color to punch up a natural lip. For me, I love No Panty Lines because it double-duties as a sheer shine or can be put on top of any single color I already own. If I had one change, I would add a little more shine but I worry that the stickiness would appear and that’s not cute. So, my vote: Perrrrfect.

In order to snag one for yourself check out their locations page which mainly consists of Southern California, NY, Miami, Las Vegas and Chicago, but for all the rest of you all, there’s always the beauty of internet shopping– and for this product you know it’ll definitely be your size, so no returns necessary!

Check out their website or follow their tweets online!


*Yet again, yes, I was gifted this product. But I would not compliment a product I didn’t actually enjoy.

All photos from Purple Lab NYC


4 Responses to “Huge Lips, Skinny Hips.”

  1. Sharon January 12, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    Thanks so much for the fab review! Keep puckering up!



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