White Out.

9 Apr

Getting a well-pigmented white eye shadow is harder than it sounds. I’ve tried everywhere from drugstore brands to MAC to way overpriced designer shades and either they last all of five minutes or are so sheer they can’t even work as a light highlighter.

That it until my HOUR long venture to Sephora today! I went in there for a specific product (post and review to come soon) and walked out with a big bag full of beauty goodies.

Wedding Day.

I didn’t intend to buy any eyeshadows while I was there but when I was strolling past the Sephora section, I couldn’t help but notice this perfectly shimmered white shadow that Taylor Swift should have named after her immediately. I picked up Wedding Day (L) and it created this perfectly pigmented white shade with big flecks of silver sparkle in it. I knew this could be the perfect nighttime white shadow to cover my entire lower lid. Since the sparkles are pretty chunky it’s too club-y to wear to the office but by just using a little it can also be used as a cheek or under the eyebrow highlighter when you can’t wear full-on sparkle lids.

I tried Wedding Day first as an inner-v highlighter which immediately brightened up my eye without giving the chalky appearance my pencil can sometimes cause. The sparkle isn’t as noticeable there because you’re not using as much of it as when you’re covering your whole lower lid.

Aspen Summit was given to be from behind the counter in a sample size and it has the same high pigment formula as Wedding Day but instead of chunks of silver glitter, it has a white shimmer tone to it. Aspen Summit would be more appropriate for the office or layering with other colors. With both of these colors along with the rest of the collection you can use them dry for loose color or you can use a dampened brush to create a more high-impact thick color.

Wedding Day, left, Aspen Summit, right, (both $12).

The benefit of Sephora’s Mono Eyeshadows is that they are a pressed loose powder so they aren’t likely to crease like other shadows do, especially if you have oily lids. Downside though, because it is loose, you’re more likely to get the color underneath your eyes on your cheeks too. In this case I ended up just blending the white to look like a cheekbone highlighter, but if you’re buying this color in say a purple, I would definitely recommend having make-up wipes handy.

I also always use an eye primer with my shadows which help create a more pigmented look and also keep them from sliding off early in the day. With the combination of this eyeshadow’s natural staying power and an eye primer you’re likely to have to use an eye make-up remover at the end of the night since it will last all day!! I put this color on my lids over seven hours ago and it still looks as bright as when it was first applied!

Check out Sephora’s Mono Colorful Eyeshadow not only for the white shades but also their 80 other colors which range from matte, glittering and metallic shimmer in every color you could imagine! It’s also paraben-free so it’s safe to use on sensitive skin!

Perfect shadow to create a white and grey smokey eye for spring nights!


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