Beauty Inspiration: MK Olsen.

9 Jun

With humidity at an all time high in NYC I am looking for new ways to tame the beast that is hair frizz but after seeing this lovely MK Olsen photo I have decided to embrace the fly aways and make a beachy boho look out of it…

The best part about this style? It’s almost effortless! Wake up, spritz some summer shine with Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray ($22),  which will create texture and that just out of the ocean wave, take a 1.5″ section of hair on one side of your head and make a loose braid and secure with 2 criss-cross bobby pins. Pull hair into a low bun and take random strands out to mess up the look a bit. Remember, this isn’t a perfect look so don’t take too much time!

Apply a decent amount of bronzer, a coral lip for a lighter look and some heavy mascara while keeping the rest natural. If you want to bring the look from day to night add a bright red lip such as Maybelline’s Red Revival lipstick.


I know I’ll be using this glam yet easy look ALL summer long! Will you?


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