The Fame Monster.

18 Feb

An amazing friend of mine from college has decided to put her Gaga obsession to good use and instead of just walking around blaring “Just Dance” through her headphones, she has created these Little Monsters….

I love the Lady as much as any girl and if I could I would go all-out on my fashion as well on a daily basis if I did not think it would legitimately get me fired… but with that said, I think her fashion is almost underrated in a way. Yes, she now garners as much attention for what “wacky” outfit will she wear next as she does for that ridiculous gorgeous voice of hers but for me, her fashion is misunderstood. When I first saw photos of her in that outlandish Kermit outfit, I thought the girl was clinically insane. It wasn’t until I heard her explaining the fact that her wearing the Kermit jacket was a statement about wearing fur. Gaga thinks that people who wear fur look like a muppet and in turn she wore Kermit.

I mean, she’s brilliant but in a way most people do not understand. So here’s my tribute to Gaga and of course to my friend Margaret who painted these beauties.

In case you want to order one, and really, who wouldn’t, Margaret sells them through her email She has been working with people to decide certain images and which text or song lyric to include as well as colors.


Gaga gifted her little monsters a tattoo, the least you can do is show your fandom through a work of art as well!

… because she’ll chase you down until you love her.


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