Tips to Toes…

16 Mar

Any Fashionista loves a good mani/pedi but these days it’s hard to scrounge up that extra green for something that seems, well, frivolous in comparison to that new chain strap purse or even, the nude pumps in my previous post!

I told myself, if I did my own manicure and pedicure for two months I could splurge on some new shoes… well not only did I fulfill my side of the promise, but when I went to buy the shoes, since I had waited so long, they were 30% off! Could not have asked for a better deal and because of it I am rewarding myself with a major spa treatment, or you know, the nice girls around the corner with the Weekend Deals, to an actual manicure and pedicure worthy of the fantastic Spring weather arising!

So what color have I decided on?

Front to Back, Left to Right: Tart Deco, Neo Whimsical, Red Nouveau, Van D’Go, Pop Art Pink, and Lilacism.

Ok, not all of them, I’m not trying to be a tropical Skittles  bag here… but I am absolutely coveting essie’s new Spring Collection of pretty polishes.

I am intensely torn between the bottom left, tart deco and the one behind it, neo whimsical. The punchy coral-orange adds a mimosa-reminiscent pop which has me craving Sunday mornings, while neo whimsical and lilacism makes me think of coloring Easter eggs and downing Cadbury candies. The rest are perfect transition colors for your tips and toes while the weather slowly starts warming up and we count the hours until sandal season.

So that’s my mission to my readers… give up something you love for a reasonable amount of time and then treat yourself! It makes the reward that much more fun because you haven’t had it in awhile, and you save your wallet a little bit too! I’ll let you know how my tart deco pedicure looks in my new zip-front 5″ heels!

Photo from essie


One Response to “Tips to Toes…”

  1. Jeanne March 17, 2010 at 9:26 am #

    I love this series as well. A lot of them are not opaque, no matter how many coats you do so if you love slightly sheer colors — its a win.

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