Front Row Dreams.

28 Feb

Attending New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and since this season was the last showing in the Park, I was distraught that my dream would never come true. In case you’re not aware, New York Fashion Week will be moved to Lincoln Center come Fall. Reasons such as space and “outgrowing the environment” were the main concern is what I’m told but I think the fashion community will really miss the iconic location of Bryant Park and the transition might not go as seamlessly as they’re hoping…  but only time will tell!

In order to host New York Fashion Week Bryant Park spends ten days erecting the tents, which then holds eight days of high fashion shows, ending with five days of cleanup. Aside from one season at Chelsea Piers, the Week has always been held in Bryant Park.

I was overwhelmed with gratefulness when a former roommate and great friend of mine from when we studied in Italy, offered me a ticket to attend the Twinkle by Wenlan show in the Promenade in the tents. I had heard of the line from researching a former post and knew to expect classic shapes, cute prints and mostly girlie pieces. Mainly, I was excited that I would be one of the first number of people to see the debuting Fall 2010 collection. It’s amazing to think of the effort and time spent working on the fifteen-twenty minutes I was about to witness, months and months of planning go into a time slot that is shorter than an MTV episode.

How fashion week works is that over a week of time there are shows, presentations, gatherings and after-parties all presented by designers and sponsors and sometimes hosted by a celebrity. Throughout the week editors and major influencers run all across Manhattan to make it in time for their selected shows and truly this year the shows were ALL over the city. Erin Wasson’s show was presented in ABC Carpet with unassigned seating and couches and carpets for chairs, Rebecca Minkoff had her presentation during the night of the Blizzard of 2010 where guests trekked through half a foot of snow in order to see her latest leather and stud creations, while the shows that need to host the most amount of people are situated right in the tents within the Park.

Presentations are where models stand around (usually), displaying the clothing, purses, shoes, accessories etc of their designer. There is no runway to walk down but it is normally paired with champagne and left to create a cocktail atmosphere, so these occur in little venues across Manhattan namely Mac&Milk Studios or the random adorable SoHo stop. The shows which garner the most attention due to the space for celebrity seating and the plethora of high-profile editors are always in The Tent, The Promenade or The Salon. From largest to smallest, these are the three tents in Bryant Park and the place to see and be seen.

The Twinkle by Wenlan show was presented in the Promenade which meant I was able to experience the Tents for my first and last time. In the tents there were booths set up by Chambord, Tresseme, Maybelline, Diet Coke, all handing out samples and attempting to lure you to their booths. Alcohol was pounced on by all those there more for the atmosphere than the shows. My friend and I dashed right to the check-in presented our names and were given our seat ticket. We were able to sit down but let’s be honest, if you’re not sitting in the front row, your seat assignment truly does not matter. I chose to stand in order to get best visibility to take photos for my lovely readers…. here’s my slideshow of the Twinkle show.

After I had said my goodbyes and parted with Bryant Park, a few hours later I was stunned to hear I was also invited to the Hervé Léger show the following afternoon. I knew that this was a much more high profile show in which all the editors would be attending in order to see the new line of bandage and body con dresses. I knew the general shape I would be seeing, but I was much more excited to experience a packed show and see the new materials, colors and intricacies that would be presented for Fall. I also didn’t mind the celeb spotting of major editors, Sophia Bush, Jessica Szohr, Tinsley Mortimer, Alison Brie, The Sartorialist, Tavi and more.

Unfortunately, I have not nearly as many photos as I would like to have and many aren’t as great as I would like them to look, but below is the slideshow of Hervé Léger by BCBG

Overall, experiencing New York Fashion week is an amazing opportunity. Yes, I would like to be in the front row, but I’m no Tavi or BryanBoy, so I will wait and pay my dues and just be lucky I could attend at all. The energy is magical and I could not be more grateful have been given the opportunity to attend shows at the last showing of Bryant Park. I hope you enjoyed my recap even if it is a little late. Comment below anything else you would like to know about NYFW! XOX


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