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28 Jan

Maybe it’s working at a fashion magazine, or maybe it’s just living in New York City where in both cases every one you see seems to be gorgeous. And with that comes gorgeous hair. Now I tell myself every day “that is not the hair they’re born with, they color, cut and style to make it look that way.” Whether it’s the truth or not, I still will convince myself that in order to keep my hair sanity, but I was excited when fellow magazine Teen Vogue did an online project called “30 days of hair.” Each day a beauty team member posts about a product, a style, or an interview with a pro that has kept me coming back for more each day, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights I’ve found out so far!

First of all, besides white blondes mixed with greys, pinks, and all sorts of skittles colors being the main runway trends, for every day girls, natural colors are becoming more apparent and popular instead of streaky highlighted colors. Whether it’s the actual “trend” or it’s people wanting less maintenance during this economic time, I’m a fan. I used to have about 8 different colored highlights, lowlights and bases in my hair and have recently changed to an all-over color and I’m much happier. It’s an easier to up-keep and I prefer to have a continual color for when I wear my hair half-up, or in a ponytail.

Nicole Richie made the transition seamlessly thanks to her Joico salon professional.


Ken Paves, driven to fame by bff Jessica Simpson told Teen Vogue, “I always tell my clients to wash their hair at night, let it air dry, and then style it the next morning when the hair is completely dry and in its natural texture. Think about a noodle: When it’s dry, and you pull at it from both ends, it doesn’t break so easily, but when it’s wet and you pull, it quickly snaps. It’s the same type of idea with hair, and constantly tugging on damp hair plus the damaging effects of the heat will lead to breakage. Also, try to be gentler on the hair by working with your own natural texture instead of trying to force it to be something totally different.”

Whether it be from an intern’s schedule or not, I have started showering at night in order to savor my morning time and while I do still blow dry, I’ve started just blow drying the roots for some added volume and pinning it up while I sleep so my ends dry natural and lucky for me with a bit of a wave, but I don’t get that extra damage of zapping all moisture of my recently washed tresses.

For those of us braving winter winds, a Bumble & Bumble Stylist shares tips on what to do in order to avoid dreaded hat -hair, “Although it’s tough to regain volume or shape to your hair once it’s been flattened, it’s not impossible! Applying a little hot air is your best bet for giving hair a boost. If possible, keep a tiny travel blow-dryer in your locker, or if that isn’t possible, just flip your head and put it under the bathroom hand dryer for a few seconds. While the head is still upside down, add a little hairspray at the root, flip your hair over, and put it in place with your hands. (Don’t brush, as this can make the hair fall flatter. Tension makes the hair less elastic and causes it to fall.) If your hair gets a little greasy or damp under the hat, a dry shampoo or powder will give it a huge boost as well. Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder is an easy one to use and should only be applied to the roots.” I’ve used Bumble Hair Powder and found it slightly over priced for my liking, so I switched to a $10 dry shampoo spray Ojon that after 6 months has yet to clog and is available at any Sephora (can we say easy access!?).

Lastly a stylist from Herbal Essence puts in their two cents on how to get that coveted slightly-tousled waves look (complete with Herbal Essence product placement)…

1. “After washing, prep damp hair to create a foundation for the style. For thick hair, try the Tousle Me Softly Mousse and the Finishing Touch Cream. Finer haired girls may prefer the Spray Gel – be sure to hold it back from the head so it casts a wide net for more control. Comb product through hair with a wide-tooth comb.

2. Lean your head to the side and blow-dry with a basket diffuser to create more volume in the middle and bottom sections of your hair. If your hair is straight, you may want to use a slightly smaller curling iron than the curl you are looking to achieve for more hold. If it’s curly, pull the curl out of the roots with a round brush and a blow-dryer first, and then soften the ends with a curling iron.A great rule of thumb to use when styling hair is that heat changes the shape and cold air sets it in.

3. A smaller roller or curling iron creates a tighter, more intense curl and a larger roller or curling iron creates a lighter wave and more volume. The section of hair curled should be proportionate to the size of the tool you’re working with. Curl two inch sections of hair, rolling the curling iron mid-way up. Hold for five seconds and release. Gently brush out curls with your fingers. Lightly mist with Hairspray for a light, flexible hold that will keep the style. To polish the look, apply the Finishing Touch Cream to the ends for more definition or to control flyaways.”


So there you go loves, some hair care info courtesy of Teen Vogue, but shortened to highlight just the best info!

Photos and quotes from Teen Vogue Online and Lavie Boston


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