The Hair Saver.

15 Apr

If there was a list of products I would die without, this would absolutely be in the top five. Dry shampoo is a life saver for us always on the go girls and there is definitely one that stands above the rest…

Ojon Rub-Out Dry is a must-have, must-try, must-own type of product. At $10 for a 2 oz spray can, the price is hard to beat, but let’s be honest, I would pay much more. I have normal to dry hair so I never thought a dry shampoo would be necessary as I think it would be more useful for someone with oily hair and the need to freshen up weighed down hair. But with the damage done to my hair from coloring I have started to loosen up on shampoo-ing my hair to every other day in order to give it a little break and Ojon’s Dry Cleanser is the perfect way to transition into my new beauty switch.

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser keeps your hair looking fresh between washings or if you ever accidently put too much styling product in your hair. It also helps create texture if you want to create a messier look on freshly washed hair. The cleanser’s mix of white clay, silk powder, rice and potato starches removes the excess oil and helps restore the volume to your roots. According to their product details the cleanser reduces oils by up to 68% in one application.

What it comes down to is that last August I bought a 2 oz can at Sephora and despite reviews that the product gets backed up in aerosol nozzle, I have had no issues with it at all and it has actually lasted up until yesterday! That’s one bottle being used occasionally, not regularly, for $10 that lasted 8 months, insane! I have brought this product with me on beach vaca’s when I want to leave my hair natural, to music festivals with no showers to be found, and going on backpack-only weekend trips. I just shake the can, spray it on my roots, flip my hair over and massage the product into my scalp. I find it especially helps on the sides of my hair above my ears where my hair can get especially oily. It’s a fast fix for the days-in-between, but I’ll tell you now, if you expect this to fix hair unwashed for more than 2 days, I wouldn’t recommend it, mainly because that’s just not cute, and you should only go a max of one day without washing! (Harsh, but true).


Dry Cleanser is my life saver, do you have any products you couldn’t live without?


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