9 Dec

I am in the process of growing out my bangs right now, and some days they just aren’t doing what I want. For these days I look to bobby pins, bow clips, headbands, and I am always looking for more fun ways to get through the process faster. Here Kate Hudson is channeling LC with a side braid but maybe it’s because I like Kate’s hair color more, or because I L-O-V-E Kate Hudson, I’m enjoying her braid more than LC’s.

It almost looks like she has a headband on because of how tight the braid is on top but how voluminous the rest of her hair is. But I love how they’ve pulled the hair from behind forward, so it looks like her braid just flows straight into the rest of her hair as opposed to pinning the braid above her ear. Her loose waves, which could be recreated with a 1.5″ barrel curling iron (I use Hot Tools), add a relaxed vibe along with her twisted top. Kate is always the poster girl of Bohemian Chic, along with Nicole Richie, and this is the perfect go-to hairstyle for one who is hoping to give off this vibe too.

Her make up is also perfectly complimenting her hair, very minimal, great bronzer and accenting the inner corners of her eyes with white to let her eyes pop. It almost looks like Kate is in summertime instead of London in December for the Nine premiere.  I’d use Benefit’s Eye Bright ($20) and Hoola ($28) to recreate this look along with some basic nude lipstick with a shimmery lip gloss on top (MAC Creme Cup, $14 and MAC Dazzleglass in Local Colour, $18).

Bring some summer warmth through your hair and makeup to brighten up your look during these cold winter months and try a big curling iron to create loose beach-day waves.

I know I’ll be trying this look soon.



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