The Art of… Great Hair (Part 1)

26 Dec

Hair is for me the second best accessory a girl can have. (The first is coming soon!) Having great hair is something that lucky people are born with and others must work hard to attain. Sounds crazy, but really it’s true. You know that friend you have who’s wet hair just dries perfectly, without product and no matter what the conditions are, yeah… jealous. Mine does not.

My hair is in between pretty much every spectrum. Naturally, it’s this wavy texture that’s not too fine, and not too thick. 90% of the days I must add heat to my hair, whether it’s straightening or curling, I will use an appliance. When it’s too hot or I’m feeling semi-lazy I’ll wash my hair at night time add a product and sleep on it. Luckily, those days, if I use the right product I’ll wake up with non-crazy cat lady hair, i.e. it’s a soft wave that doesn’t have too much frizz.

For me, frizz is the hair enemy that I try to avoid at all costs.

Here is my breakdown of products that I find to be the best of the best: some drugstore, some salon, and some that will not work for anyone but myself. Just a reminder that just because I like them does not mean you will, or they will have the same effect on your hair, so don’t run out and buy anything without thinking it over!

Basics: a wide tooth comb, a round brush, and a paddle brush. A wide-tooth comb is essential for wet hair, any thing else is breaking your hair and helping to aid split ends. Especially for girls with easy to tangle hair (like myself) using a wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner is your best bet as well as using it to detangle your hair once you’re out of the shower. Round brushes and paddle brushes are just styling tools, find a price point and size that work for you, smaller ones are easier on shorter hair, bigger ones for longer hair. Boar bristles brushes are great, but expensive.

In the shower: A color-treated shampoo and conditioner if you have colored hair=SO IMPORTANT!

Otherwise, you are stripping your hair’s color. The gentler = the better! I use sunflower shampoo and conditioner from Kiehl’s because even though it’s semi-pricey (around $20-25) it smells amazing and truly keeps my color longer. Once a week I use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up, only once a week so I don’t strip my hair’s colors or oils. I use Bumble & Bumble’s “Sunday” shampoo ($20). Once a week, I also use a deep conditioner that I leave in for 20-ish minutes. It helps sometimes to put it on dry hair so it penetrates better. I was gifted a Logics vitalizing treatment mask and I think it’s amazing!! It really helps smooth your hair’s end cuticles and help the damage done by all the heat, it’s a little steep at $28 but works great and I will say that even though I was given this product for free to review, I love it and would buy it again with my own money.

Once you get in the shower your hair should be completely saturated with water before using shampoo. Only put a quarter-ish size drop to use and spread it out on just the roots of your hair, use your fingers to spread it around over your ears, your hairline and the crown of your head. Only massage your roots for around 3o seconds and then wash the shampoo out completely as leaving it in will dry out your hair. Put conditioner in from underneath your crown to the ends and I use a clip to pin it up so the conditioner can soak in my hair while I do other things. Wash it out completely and you’re set!

Using good products (price aside) means a higher likelihood of less damage to your hair. Using $1 shampoos and conditioners can contain a lot of sulfate and alcohol which is drying your hair out more. It also really depends on if you color your hair or not, and if you naturally have dry or oily hair. Shop around, look online at advice, or ask your hairdresser. Finding products that work for you may take awhile but once you do find them, you’re set for life!

All these products can be priced around at salons vs drugstores and even online beauty suppliers like and such so check around and see if you can get them cheaper!




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