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Gift Guide for the Beauty Girl

9 Dec

We all have that friend, the one who owns every nail polish known to womankind, the one who teaches us the best bronzer for our skin tone, who teaches us that you should never walk out of your house without perfume. Ok, so in my life, I have a few of these girls, and might be guilty myself of having a beauty closet that rivals my shoe closet! Luckily for us, these are the EASIEST girls to shop for! Budget friendly items are easier to find within the beauty world and you can go wild with creativity!

Erica of PS- I Made This, shared the idea of wrapping fabric and ribbon in the same color pallete of 4-5 beauty products, such as nail polishes, lip glosses, and hair accessories in red, gold, silver or your bff’s fave color. Cute, cheap, and chic! For those of us without the DIY gene, there are 20 options below to get you started!

1. Brighton Rock Lipstick, Topshop, $16.

2. Peppermint Bark Shower Gel & Lip Gloss Duo, Philosophy at Sephora, $18.

3. Twirl Fragrance, Kate Spade at Sephora, $65.

4. Candy Cane Shower Gel, Lotion, and Balm Set, Philosophy at Nordstrom, $22.

5. Love Your Lips Balm, Forever 21, $1.80.

6. Laguna Bronzer, Nars at Barneys, $32. *

7. Lip & Cheek Color, Forever 21, $3.80.

8. Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer, Sephora, $28.

9. Dial-a-Shimmer Lotion, Victoria Secret, $12 or 3 for $24.

10. Some Beauty to Love Benefit Pack, Sephora, $29.

11. Bobbi Brown Sultry Eye Palette, Nordstrom, $45.

12. Sigma Profession 12 piece Makeup Brush Set, Amazon, $79.

13. Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Perfume with Charm, Nordstrom, $50.

14. Under the Mistletoe Lip Shine Set, Philosophy at Sephora, $20.

15. Boom Boom Pow Polish, Deborah Lippmann at Barneys, $20.

16. Naked Eye Shadow Palette, Urban Decay, $44.

17. Leopard Print Hair Paddle, Amazon, $12.99.

18. Drying Lotion, Mario Badescu, $17. *

19. EOS Lip Balm Trio, Amazon, $9.99.

20. NARS Polishes

a. Full Metal Jacket, Barneys, $16.

b. Arabesque, Barneys, $16.


Hope you find a few things for that gorgeous bestie of yours, and maybe one or two things for yourself! * Personally, I could not live without my NARS Laguna Bronzer, and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. These are two items I use daily and anyone would love! I’m also a big fan of beauty packages, like the ones above from Philosophy. The scents are seasonally and yummy and are a great deal to get multiple items for the price of one!


Happy Holidays!


Featured Gift: Tied Up and Tousled

7 Dec

Through the beauty of the internet I was introduced to one of the most adorable accessories on the planet!

Tied Up & Tousled

I had a little chat with the designer, Kate, and her creative director (& sister!) Anne about their amazing business together:


1) How did you begin designing Tied Up & Tousled?

“I have been a Hair Designer for 8 years. While I was building my portfolio I started making head pieces for photo shoots. They helped me capture a certain aesthetic. They gave the woman in the photos a clearer identity and revealed a lot about my point of view. I also studied Fashion Design and Fine Art Textile at Kent State University. Creating headbands was just a culmination of all my passions; fashion, beauty, fine art, and self-expression.

I still make all the pieces by hand in my studio in my one bedroom apartment but I think that’s what makes them so special and unique.”

2) What is your favorite way to style your pieces?

“My style is effortless and easy so I love to pair a glamorous sequins band or intricately beaded piece with tousled hair and jeans and a plain tee. It’s ALL about the accessories for me.”

3) Who is your biggest style inspiration?

“I don’t have a specific style icon. I look at nature. I look to the past. I love vintage. I take a lot of inspiration from Native American culture. It’s authentic and raw.”

All of the Tied Up and Tousled pieces are insanely beautiful. Any free spirited girl (or boy!) would look gorgeous in these pieces of artwork. My favorites are absolutely the Sienna (two above), the Natalie (with gold chains-not pictured), and the Stella (first photo). Whether you love sequins, feathers, beads, peace signs, these make the perfect gift for you, your best friend, or both!

With such affordable pricing ($24-60) these are the must-have gift for all your friends. Each hair accessory has a different personality, just like each of your friends and family. I could not imagine a more beautiful, thoughtful gift. My favorite part- there are pieces for every season! Rock the gold for the holidays, flowers in the spring, feathers during summer, and the rich reds and golds next fall!


The best news is, Kate and Anne have offered a 15% discount to Everyday to Runway readers! Email them at tiedupandtousled @ gmail.com with the subject line “Everyday to Runway” and check out the rest of their chic campaign at TiedUpandTousled.com! And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @TiedUpTousled and me @everyday_runway!




2010 Holiday Gift Guide

6 Dec

Shopping for the Holidays is one of my favorite things each year! Despite my family’s usual tradition of last minute gifts, and Christmas morning wrapping, this year I’m determined to start earlier. I love all of the accessories above because they can be gifted perfectly to a girlie girl, a traveler, a girl with a bit of edge. Who knows? Maybe I’ll sneak one of these purchases in for myself as well!

1. Foley + Corinna Lucky Pouch, Stefani Bags, $240.*

2. Ruby Red Slippers, Deborah Lippman at Barneys, $18.

3. Cashmere Texting Gloves, DKNY, $65.

4. Owl Stud Earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs at Bergdorf Goodman, $58.

5. Dior J’adore Golden Luxuries Set, Nordstrom, $95.

6. Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Compact, Bergdorf Goodman, $65.

7. Glam Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Ann Taylor Loft, $24.95.

8. Botkier Maddie Leopard Satchel, Stefani Bags, $499.*

9. Kate Spade Rosalie Bow Clutch, Zappos, $75.

10. Velvet Bow Headband, Juicy Couture, $45.

11. Love Letters from Paris bin, Expressions Catalog, $25.

12. Dita Suedette Heels, Forever 21, $22.80.


* As an amazing offer for the Holidays, Stefani Bags is offering Everyday to Runway readers a discount code!! Valid today, December 6th through January 1st you can get 20% off your order with the CODE: RUNWAY20. The code is valid site wide but excludes preorders. Stefani Bags has all of the most adorable handbags and brands: Rebecca Minkoff, Olivia Harris, Kooba and more. Click HERE to start browsing with your amazing code!


Happy Holidays! Stay tuned for featured gifts & more discount codes coming!