Covet: The Show

19 Nov

It was the “it” scene last night at Alber Elbaz’s Lanvin Hearts H&M Collection show last night. The collection,  set to hit stores this Saturday, November 20th in the US, is sure to be a sell out. H&M even has a “How to Shop” section on their site letting shoppers know to arrive early and be prepared for madness. The show featured a higher-end Lanvin Hearts H&M pieces customized in extravagant ways to show the fun that can be styled with this collection. Vogue Nippon’s Anna Dello Russo paired her party frock with a poodle, while Julia ie. BunnyBisous rocked the coveted fur coat…

The Pierre Hotel seemed absolutely transformed into a gorgeous fashion haven of dripping chandeliers, blooming hydrangeas, and the It crowd of fashion. Alber is pure genius and his collection did not disappoint. As Joe Zee said, Everyone needs a little Lanvin in their closet, and now it’s easier than ever!

If you’re planning on shopping the collection make sure to check out the H&M site. Their “How to Shop” guide explains that at each retail location 320 wristbands will be distributed. Depending on the color of your wristband you have a designated shopping time and are allowed to shop until your heart is content. The only catch is you may not buy more than two of the same collection item. So shop it up, get two of every item in the entire collection!

Nitrolicious posted a full guide of stores in the US the collection will be available at:


Are any of you planning on snagging a piece or two from Lanvin Hearts H&M?!


Credit to HuffingtonPost & Nitrolicious.


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