Zip It Up

10 Nov

While doing my daily peruse of Shopbop, I found these ah-dorable Marc by Marc Jacobs Zipper Studs.

These golden goodies are currently on sale for $40 on Shopbop! They’re studs so they’re not too overpowering but they’re kitschy and cute.

Best part is, you can also DIY them!

1. Go to a local craft store and purchase any shiny, matching zipper tabs. (I prefer gold for the season!)

2. Sand down the backs of the zipper with any sand paper. This removes the shininess and creates a more adhesive back.

3. Super gun earring posts for studs, or earring hooks for dangling earrings to the back of the zipper tabs which can be found at any jewelry store.

4. Let dry overnight and zip up an edgy look the next morning!


I love any project that I can make my own. It’s always so much fun to say “I made it!” when people ask where I got something. These earrings are the simplest of DIYs and also a fun change of jewelry! I will be testing these out as soon as I find the cutest of zipper tabs at a local craft store. What do you think? Would you rock this DIY?


Images courtesy of Shopbop & Beading Gem.


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