The Kitschy It Girl.

9 Nov

One of the main reasons I love New York is the spontaneity. There is always something to do and for the most part, it comes up at the spur of the moment! Around 3 pm today my friend invited me to a free Katy Perry concert at the Roseland Ballroom promoting something or another. Regardless that I had no interest in the product, I thought seeing Ms. Kitty Purry could be quite a fun change of my usual Monday nights.

As you would expect from the eccentric pop star, her bright purple mini dress was covered in cupcakes, her set was abundant with peppermints, lollipops and cotton candy and her microphone was a cascading glittering rainbow.

Katy is 100% unique, cussing but girlie, inappropriate but adorable and it got me thinking to what an empowering role model she is. She is a no-BS, wild child with a fascinating fashion sense and a mind-blowingly powerful voice. Her cupcake bustier and signature blue wig give her a lightness while her music, like newest release Firework, inspires in a truthful way.

I love that she can do kitschy just as well as she does classy. Katy covers December’s Harper’s Bazaar and looks insanely gorgeous in the pages.

Katy may not play by the rules of the game, but at least she’s having fun. And as a little bit of inspiration for the rest of your week, try adding something new into your wardrobe. Have a little fun, that doesn’t mean you have to go all smurf blue hair on us, but cross your fashion boundaries a little bit! And inspire yourself in a personal way. Live it up, like the California Girl!


Photos were taken by me. Magazine spread from NY Daily News. I do not own the video, it is copyright of EMI.


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