Levi’s Spring 2011 Preview

5 Nov

Last night I attended Levi’s Spring 2011 Men + Women’s Preview at the Levi’s Photography Workshop in SoHo for I Heart Heels.

I walked into the chalkboard walled, vintage camera displayed, gallon water decorated unique space and spotted the chicest of crowds. Downtown style reigned supreme teetering on their heeled combat boots in the campaign covered venue at the newest release for the classic brand. For me, Levi’s is to denim the way post-its are to sticky notes and Band-Aids are to bandages. Levi’s are synonymous with the classic American look and dressed down style and tonight was no exception.

But this year they’re updating their classics with an edgier twist that will stay true to the brand’s look but also peak the interest of fashionistas. Denim vests, harem pant-esque jeans, and adorable accessories bring the brand into 2011.

I had a serious style crush on this girl. The loose fitting pants, crop top, scarf turban and red pumps fit into the perfect mish-mash of personal style.

As a special treat, British rock band The Duke Spirit performed for the crowd. The rising band complete with blonde rocker front woman, Liela Moss, was the perfect accent to the raw, classic event. Currently repeating: “The Step & the Walk.”


I’ll be keeping my eye out this Spring for Levi’s denim with a twist, and you should too!


All photos were taken by me.


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