Attended: Rock the Sidewalk After Party

4 Nov

A few weeks back I attended the Rock the Sidewalk After Party hosted by Express and Paper Magazine for I Heart Heels. Express, in a new and innovative twist, held a fashion show for their new S/S ’11 Collection right out in the open for anyone in NYC to see! Models strutted down the 70 foot long runway for the crowd, including two photographers, who will utilize photos from the runway show for their new campaign.

Express’ new ultra minis have me craving warm weather already! One shouldered, floral, ruffled, velvet mini dresses were abundant in the new collection and any girl with an affordable budget & a taste for the feminine will LOVE. In classic Spring trend, you’ll see nautical inspired pieces such as high waisted silk shorts and stripes that will you having craving your own yacht! Express is consistent in providing budget friendly girly pieces that will have you looking adorable all season long.

Post show was an edgy after party at legendary NYC club Don Hill’s. Coming straight from work in my khaki button down skirt, I felt severely out of place in the graffiti-covered, dim-lighted venue. Guests sported leather jackets, top knots, and combat boots in preparation for the night’s guest star: Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless.

The 17 year old sported a barely there tee, lingerie, a necklace reading S-L-A-V-E and her now infamous stripper shoes.

Despite my previous non-informed opinion, Taylor’s band did not suck. In fact, the angst-y but youthful songs reminded me of a new age Alanis Morissette although with far less credibility due to her fame-creating role as Little J on Gossip Girl.

The black eyed, dark lipped teenager continually to thank Paper Magazine and Express for having her, and even though I highly doubt Taylor has purchased any clothing from a place other than Hot Topic I do appreciate the eclectic night. Express had a mall reputation, but after partnering with a great mag, an edgy band, and using models such as Jessica Stam in current campaigns I can begin to accept them as much more than a “mall store.”

So the night in short: Express has absolutely stepped up their game. Paper Magazine is still awesome. The Pretty Reckless does not suck, new download: “My Medicine.”


Photos courtesy of Express and myself.



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