Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

After all sugar rushes have faded, the pumpkins have been carved, and all glitter has been cleaned up the only thing left to do is to relive the fabulous weekend over photos. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! As a sorority girl, I live for any excuse to get dressed up- themed parties were my speciality. I love the ability to transform into a new personality for one night and be anything you’ve ever wanted. Instead of choosing a revealing outfit, I’d rather go for one with a little act that could go along. Also, picking a specific costume could give you an excuse to wear a clothing item you might not normally have the courage to wear!

Halloween in NYC is extra fun because most people go out more than once. For night one I chose a loud, crazy hot mess personality: Ke$ha! I knew I wanted to do something recognizable (b/c no one likes to be asked all night “whoooo are you?!) and I figured if I could add face paint, glitter, and a fur vest, I’d be set.

Messy hair, her signature black face paint, almost a pound of glitter and I became Ke$ha in only 30 minutes! I DIY-ed Balmain style some ripped tights by taking a nail clipper sideways to a pair of black nylons. I was asked all night where I bought my tights and I was super happy to say “I made them!” especially because I have a rule to never buy pre-ripped clothing! A concert tee, DIY tights, an a fur vest made for a comfy but Ke$ha look!


For night two, I went an entirely different more glam route… Rachel Zoe! This was a last minute throw together as my friends and I decided to head over to the W Village Halloween Parade. It was freeeezing so I knew a fur coat was a must. Paired with a maxi dress, beret, and big sunglasses RZ was OOC (out of control) and absolutely mah-jor!

My friend Niko was actually a nerd, but I had to grab him for a Brad Goreski-esque photo! The leopard coat kept me warm all night and I was happy to have not spent a dime on any random outfit which would only be worn once.


I hope you had an amazing Halloween as well! Comment below what you thought of my costumes and what you dressed up as!


2 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. dailyrunway November 1, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    Love both costumes!

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