The Eye Makeup Must-Have

26 Oct

I love my shadows, my liners, my triple coats of mascara but I don’t love the stinging, itchy, dry sensation of removing those items each night. I have used Clinque, Lancome, drugstore, and all eye makeup removers cause my eyes to feel as parched as the Sahara, or like an oil slick. That is until under recommendation of a Twitter beauty girl, I looked into Lierac.

I had never heard of the brand but knowing that I had one reliable recommendation gave me the confidence to try the new product: the PARIS DIOPTI DÉMAQ Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($24).

I am now an official believer in Lierac and gel eye makeup removers. The smooth light texture of this product wipes off clean taking even my darkest of black gel liners with it.

This product, only released in a month ago has new ingredients to combat dry, irritated skin as well as help with strengthening lashes. The active ingredients have purposes that go beyond any normal remover:

Floral waters of Rose and Cornflower: Purifies, refreshes.

Linden and Mallow extracts: Calms and softens with anti-inflammatory properties.

Keratin and vitamin B5: Protects lashes and boosts growth.

Glycerin and Fucogel®: Hydrates.


I have used this almost every single night since receiving it and honestly think that I will never return to liquid removers that spill in my travel bag and dry out my eyes. For me, the only con I’ve found is that sometimes the gel dries around the cap but a little wet paper towel once a week fixes that issue! Removing your eye makeup is so important every single night in order to prevent wrinkles, bacteria and to avoid raccoon eyes on your pillow case. So if you find your eyes oilier or dry after using liquid removers, try out a gel next time you go to the store, finding a solution that I like makes me less hesitant to “forget” each night.


Available at select CVS & Duane Reades and online.

*This product was provided for review consideration. I am not affiliated with this company and this is my 100% honest opinion.


2 Responses to “The Eye Makeup Must-Have”

  1. Brookelyn October 26, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    This sounds great! I’m currently using either boots wipes, or almay makeup remover pad things, but maybe I’ll give this a shot next.

    • everydaytorunway November 1, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

      Yeah! I love when I have a product that I use EVERY day and I’m like, OH! I should share this, I couldn’t live without it! haha. Since getting this, I have yet to use anything else!

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