The Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter.

24 Sep

Animal print will always be on trend for fall. Whether you wear it with a vest, shoes, handbag or even just a headband, it is a trend to embrace. I absolutely love the look of a cozy, comfy fur leopard coat but would I actually wear it? No.

One of my favorite retailers, Coach, has been stunning me lately with their new releases and this Fall is no exception. I’ve already mentioned items like the Tyler Moto Jacket HERE and HERE. Of course I also ultra-covet my mini-Coach store in my closet: a satin wristlet which I use daily as a wallet, my black patent poppy purse, some of their new jewelry like the bracelet above, and well, much, much more.

But now that new pieces are coming out and the temps are dropping, I am seriously lusting after their new Ocelot Infinity Scarf. This luxe leopard print would be the perfect accessory to dress up any ordinary black coat that we reach for on a daily basis once that chill hits. During the winter I look for bold accessories that will stand out when sporting that basic winter coat. This is the ultimate way to stay chic.

The scarf comes in traditional leopard, purple, and gray. I am in between all three, because honestly I would proudly rock any of the three sassy colors. A leopard scarf is on my must-have for Fall list and at only $98 this high quality piece would last for season after season of bold fashioned fun!


2 Responses to “The Stylish Way to Keep Warm this Winter.”

  1. kendallcrow October 8, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    ohmygosh, totally loving the infinity scarf. i’ve been waiting to get my hands on one but the temperatures where i live in CA are still in the 90’s on some days, so i’ll hold off a lil longer. but definitely putting this on my list of things for winter :)

    • everydaytorunway October 16, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

      Northern or Southern California! I’m from CA as well, I’ve only been away for 1 year but I miss it terribly! I think the scarf might be light weight enough for fall, I’ll have to check!

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