The Everyday Shoe.

23 Sep

While I may LOVE my “Runway” shoe, it’s the Everyday one that is more important in 90% of our lives. It’s funny how so many of us, myself included, drop a big chunk of our paycheck on that luxe piece that we can maybe wear to that one event that may actually one day come up! I have so many higher than high heels or animal print blouses that I’d never actually wear on a rotating basis. I’m learning to spend my money on investment pieces and items that I can utilize at least one day a week. As a New Yorker I spend most of my time running to the subway, between errands, attempting to hail a cab and wearing heels all day long just isn’t a viable option so I am widely embracing the ballet flat.

The Covet Shoe: Chanel. This is a teeeeny bit, ok, a lot bit out of my price range. But iconic and a must-have in my future closet.

The NY Shoe: Tory Burch. It is a miracle if I make it from my apartment door to work without seeing at least one girl wearing this shoe. I personally refuse to wear this shoe as I feel that all you need is a khaki Burberry trench, and a Longchamp purse and you’re immediately blended into a sea of clones.

The Everyday Shoe: Sam Edelman. I am a huge fan of all Sam Edelman shoes. Unique shapes, great quality, and an affordable price. This pair of $99 ($69 on Piperlime) Calypso flats is a go-to adorable look. The quilted fabric channels Chanel, the patent adds a luxe vibe above it’s price tag, and the inside is just too cute for words. The flat comes in thirteen colors ranging from basic black to purple suede to leopard hair. It will appease any fashionista and will keep your wallet full enough for that extra pair of earrings you had your eyes on.


Ballet flats are a lifesaver to any working girl and the Sam Edelman Calypso flats are the ultimate Everyday Shoe.


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