OPI Says, “Go Goth.”

22 Sep

One of my favorite places to go for everything nail polish related is the site Vampy Varnish. While doing some early Halloween detective work I stumbled upon a new review of hers featuring the new OPI Nail Collection for Halloween 2010. We all know how much I love OPI, and well, nail polish in general, so when I hear that a new collection is coming soon dedicated solely to my second favorite holiday- I was ecstatic!

This mini set includes 4 smaller sized bottles in deep, dark shades that are bound to bring out a spookier spirit. The colors are diverse in the collection which is always something I like to see. I was a little sad to see two reds in their Alice in Wonderland Collection so having four separate shades is appreciated.

Note: All photos are from Vampy Varnish.

SANGUINE: This deep shimmered red is perfect on toes all fall long. I’d love this nail for the Holidays to bring some subtle cheer without breaking into the fire engine red bottle. The color still pops despite the shine and shimmer and will be a perfect red for this season.

UNRIPENED: This black shade is disguised into a deep blue by the abundance of flecks of green-blue glitter. I would rock this color all winter long on my nails. I love that the intense glitter adds and edgy glam to the basic black.

NEVERMORE: My favorite of the collection is this royal purple full-glittered polish. The blue shimmer gives it a multi-dimensional tone that makes it “Wicked Witch of the West” perfection.

OBSCURITY: A satin matte black that is definitely dare-to-wear. I am not a fan of matte polishes personally because it me, it takes out the girlie shine aspect that I most enjoy. But if you aren’t opposed to matte, this is one serious polish. I like that Obscurity still has a subtle sheen to it that is unique to a matte so this might be one I’d try.


OPI’s Collections are always a bit hit and I don’t doubt this will be any exclusion. I’m a fan of mini-bottles because as an aficionado of polishes I have far too many to count so having more of less is a win-win in my book! What do you think? Would you rock this polishes come the ghoulish night?

All photos from Vampy Varnish


3 Responses to “OPI Says, “Go Goth.””

  1. Amber's Notebook September 22, 2010 at 10:37 am #

    umm I need that collection! Awesome!

  2. Gigi September 22, 2010 at 7:02 pm #

    Great polish selection. Nevermore is my favorite. :)


  3. Electric Lighting November 17, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    nail polish that are acrylic based seems to last longer on my finger nails compared to water based ones ;*:

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