Live Blog: MTV Video Music Awards 2010

12 Sep

I will be live blogging this years award show red carpet so keep coming back to be entertained by the chic, the classy, and the absolute crazy…

8:00 pm Guests have been arriving on this years MTV Video Music Awards white carpet and already we have a stunner…

8:03 pm Lady Gaga arrives wearing a piece from Alexander McQueen’s last collection.

Alexander McQueen is a god among fashionistas and Gaga is one who can rock this look without a doubt. The train, headdress and hair is actual art on this white carpet.

8:09 pm Hayley Williams from Paramore is up and her hair is pink, red, orange and banged (and apparently cornrowed!). Hm… I love her voice so I don’t care and her dress is adorableeee on her.

Here’s a pic of her earlier in rehearsal.

8:14pm Katy Perry feels like an ice skater, has ridiculously cute hair highlights of pink and blue with what I think is a fun frock of sheer lace top and white ruffled tiered skirt. She also has fiance- Russel Brand on her nails!

8:18 pm Snooki absolutely looking glam with her bangs!!! She tweeted this pic and I am loving it on her. So much chicer than the massive poof and red highlights. PS- her dress is HORRIBLE!

8:22 pm Just saw Coco Rocha’s glam gown… wouldn’t really choose a black gown for the MTV VMAS but Coco can do no wrong and she definitely has a higher fashion rep than 99% of this crowd so it’s understandable she would go big.

8:23 pm Not quite sure why but 30 seconds to Mars just came a la the circus, clowns, feathers, chicken suits, bikes, trikes, MESS. That white carpet is officially dunzo. I miss Jordan Catalano.

8:25 pm Just catching up on pre-show entrances. Lo and Stephanie Pratt from The Hills: Not loving Lo’s dress, basic silhouette, dull color, messed up Snooki pouf, with too meh heels for the look. As for Stephanie, I am LOVING the boho chic look. She has been a favorite for me on the MTV scene like the neon look last awards show. Her hair is gorgeous, make up is fresh and is looking almost Kate Hudson-worthy. Congrats girl.

8:28 pm Justin Beiber and Usher are being interviewed. Is Beiber wearing leather pants? I’m liking the vest rather than usual blazer look for this 12, 14, 15? year old. Usher always looks dapper, nothing new there.

8:29 pm Once again catching up with earlier looks, Audrina is busting out the bling tonight between the dress, the jewels, the belts and the shoes she is the sparkliest thing out there. For me, love the dress, lose the belts, bangles and would’ve chosen an edgier heel to pair with the sparkle, but she’s cute.

8:32 pm Nicki Minaj is futuristic ridiculousness. I guess she’s the hip-hop Lady Gaga? The Judy Jetson pink oversized top knot mixed with the dark and light purple lamé is just not working for me. I’d rather her go glam and really make a statement with her fabulous presence and voice. But fun 80’s retro music mash-up! Update: Will.I.Am is wearing head to toe leather (?) plastic hair, pink accents, sunglasses, glitter on his shoes.

8:34 pm Jenna Jameson is sporting a bad high school homecoming outfit.

8:36 pm Deadmaus5 choosing a blue head for the night. Coco Rocha asked “have you ever been a live mouse?” Cute.

8:44 pm Ashley Greene is fast becoming a style icon for me, love her hair and simple but glam make up. I want to see a full pan of her dress! But top looks adorable. It’s Giambattista Valli and GORGE.

8:50 pm Emma Stone is playing it safe in a Pucci leather mini with Neil Lane jewels and Giuseppe Zanotti. Guilty pleasure her new movie Easy A!

8:52 Ke$ha is LITERALLY wearing a trash bag! She said she got them at Home Depot and then styled it. She has a super long braid with leather tied through, fur and feather color and a huge cross earring. Disaster, per usual. But at least she’s consistent.

OK the show has officially started so I will wait and see if there is an amazing outfit that was not shown on the white carpet… my guess is no. Besides Gaga’s … wait…

9:03 pm Rihanna with AMAZING flaming red hair and a beautiful tutu is performing with Eminem. And combat boots with a fabulous jeweled headband.

… ok Gaga’s outfit changes! So far:

1. Stephanie Pratt   2. Ashley Greene   3. Katy Perry and of course will wait for Gaga.


2 Responses to “Live Blog: MTV Video Music Awards 2010”

  1. Brookelyn September 13, 2010 at 5:22 am #

    i looked at Lady Gaga, and I was like, oh wow, she looks relatively “normal”. Kind of frightening since “normal” includes some sort of weird fin appendage. Ha!

    • everydaytorunway September 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

      haha so true! Anything of McQueen’s I bow down too, so I think it was a great choice!

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