Fall Fur.

7 Sep

Ever since I first tried on my mother’s fur lined khaki trench I have been absolutely in love with fur fashion. Fur came back in a strong way last fall and despite scouring high and low I could not find an acceptable and affordable option anywhere. I was not going to settle for a furry piece of fabric, I needed a statement! Running around New York I thought about looking vintage but after an all too close encounter with purchasing real fur, I squeamed and decided to hold off. I will not throw red paint or judge, but personally, it’s all about faux. The difference in feel is worlds away, but if Uncle K can rock an entire iceberg-filled Chanel show featuring the faux, I can accept it as well!

As soon as fall fashion hit shops I dashed out in search of faux fur 2010. Coats that made me look like a polar bear, vests that felt like a matted wet dog, ombre-ick jackets, I was left to believe that I would not get my hands on this trend ever. That is until an after-work excursion to Zara in SoHo. I went in expecting to roam aimlessly, per usual, and leave empty handed. Until I saw the most perfect shade of deep brown intermixed with black paneling, I literally whisper-prayed to the fashion gods the texture would feel just as smooth. And bam! There it was!  The smoothest, softest, most delicious (yes, delicious) faux fur coat I had seen yet. After admiring my furry self for a good ten minutes, I purchased the absolutely affordable $89 vest and skipped off into the 95 degree humidity with a glimmer of excitement for that dreaded winter season.

While I personally would not style this coat in the way above, I must say you can even see the silkiness in the photo! It hasn’t been cool enough to don my new vest yet and believe me, I am hoping this warm weather stays as long as possible. But I am giddy thinking about that first chilly winter day pairing a thin scoop neck long sleeve tee with this chic topper and keeping cozy in my faux fur all day long.


What do you think? Will you be rocking faux fur this winter?!


Photo from Style.com & Zara.


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