MK for MC.

8 Aug

With September Issues slowly making their way into my mailbox I am realizing that this is absolutely my favorite times of year. Tourists are slimming out in my hidden NYC areas, tans are ever-present, and we’re diving into prime fashion season. 250+ page magazines are keeping my to-do list packed, my want/need/covet list longer than ever, and the desire to snuggle into a fall knit constant. With the excitement building for New York Fashion Week we only have our beloved September Issues to tide us over.


I picked up Marie Claire‘s Mary Kate Olsen cover today and cannot wait to delve into the chic-crammed pages.

The frail fashionista is joining her sister, Ashley, as a Marie Claire September Issue Cover girl (Ashley in ’09) and it is RIGHT. Aside from the fact that the new mood board-inspired spreads in Marie Claire are making it quickly one of my favorite mag’s, I also am a die hard MK&A fan reciting Passport to Paris quotes on the regular. The MK spread may not involve an elaborate scene or story line (unlike here) the clothes absolutely speak for themselves.

Alexander McQueen, Burberry Prorsum, Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Giambattista Valli all adorn these fabulous fall photos and make me fall. in. LOVE. Mary Kate’s chameleon style is perfection for the feminine tulle, high fashion fur, glam lace and edgy knits. MK is absolutely a style icon for me and I am so excited to see her back on the scene and featured in this issue.


All photos via Marie Claire online.


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