Tiffany & Co 2010 Collection.

2 Aug

If there is one woman in NYC to befriend it is absolutely Karen Robinovitz. Her big curls, HIGH heels, and warming personality is the reason why I will attend any and every event she sends over my way. Girl knows how to throw a party! This event just happened to be with um, hello the little blue box: Tiffany & Co to showcase their new collections.

If there is one thing this girl loves it’s dripping diamonds and jewels and I was HOME. As I rode the special elevator up to the fourth floor in Tiffany & Co’s flagship 57th St store I was wide-eyed and grinning. Having a special affection for the little blue box from an extremely young age I felt like I was living a dream come true, a la Reese Witherspoon choosing her engagement ring with Patrick Dempsey in Sweet Home Alabama. The room was adorned with cases and rows of jewels as well as sweet macaroons and M&Ms in corresponding Tiffany colors.

Once I regained my purpose and snapped out of my dream-like state I focused on the real issue at hand: diamonds!

Tiffany & Co had such an overwhelming positive response to the Keys Collection they decided to re-release the collection but this time incorporating mass amounts of jewels: pink, yellow and blue diamonds had these sparkling straight into my heart and hopefully one day soon, onto my neck!

Of course, there had to be one show-stopping piece: the $7 million, 20 carat flawless diamond necklace. I. was. in. AWE.

Overall, it was an amazing collection with pieces for any taste and price level. The new collections include pieces from architect Frank Gehry and Elsa Peretti,  turquoise, diamonds, silver, gold, classic, modern, anything you can imagine. For now I will sit and dream of the sparkly pieces of heaven that will rest on my neck, wrist, and ring finger in hopefully the near future.


Go to Tiffany & Co’s Website to check out more of their pieces for 2010.


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