The Scent of Love.

18 Jul

With summer rearing it’s ugly 100 degree head I have been on the hunt for a light fragrance with clean, fresh scents that will replace my deep, rich scents that I cherish in the fall.

While strolling around SoHo this weekend I decided to stop in beauty store Fresh with all intentions to just look around and try out a product or two. I didn’t realize I was about to fall in scent-LOVE. The company is known for their natural, unique scents in bath products, fragrances and candles. Fresh is gaining major attention recently for their new Eat.Pray.Love inspired collection.

Eat.Pray.Love will soon be released with Julia Roberts portraying the actress so the collection could not have better timing. Being a HUGE fan of the book by Elizabeth Gilbert I was curious as to how the three countries and stories would translate into scents. Eat, inspired by Italy, is a medium-intensity basil and lemon infused fragrance. Pray, inspired by India, has pepper, incense, patchouli and creates a deeper more woodsy scent that evokes more natural memories. Bali’s fragrance, Love, was by far my favorite of the three. Having traveled to Bali, Indonesia a few times when I was younger I immediately was transcended to the tropical, rice paddied “island of the Gods.” The notes of bergamot, mango blossom, and jasmine is light, slightly sweet and entirely reminiscent of tropical paradise. I cannot get enough of this scent and know it will be my go-to fragrance all summer long.


The 1 oz. bottles go for $32 each or you can get a trio of 3 candles for $45. I will continue to spritz away until August 13th when the movie comes out!


One Response to “The Scent of Love.”

  1. thegirlhasitall July 18, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    Thanks for the review. I’m going to have to order some tomorrow. You made it sound so fabulous!

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