Chanel Fall 2010.

11 Jul

A few weeks ago we showed you the first preview for the Chanel Fall 2010 campaign with Abbey Lee, and Freja. Chanel is seriously killing it with Karl Lagerfeld between the runway shows, breath-taking couture and new usage of advertising, they are shutting it down. The Fall 2010 campaign was released and they are putting out some new and unique pieces.

After seeing a specific Joe Zee Twitpic showcasing off-the-runway Chanel I was not doubting the outfit would pop its wooly little hairs up again and oh yes, it did.

I cannot wait to hear more feedback regarding Chanel’s campaign choice. I, on one hand, will always have love for couture and innovative fashion but at the same time this is a furry bear suit. I’m a little bit at a loss for words. Now to flip again, if this were a little vest or crop jacket I would have it on my body in .3 seconds.

For now I am awaiting to see and hear more and hopefully an explanation or two is included in that. I leave you with “Shopping Fever” a video ad which is dominating the blog & twittespheres…



Photos via RunwayModels, MrJoeZee’s Twitter, and youtube.


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