As Seen In: Shop Influence.

7 Jun

Shop Influence, a new blog of innovative company E drop-off Express, was lovely enough to feature little old me in their new Personal Style feature. Their blog is new but already has promise of providing insightful and fun articles for fashionistas like ourselves. They describe their website as “Influence, a youth-centric brand, is a fashion blog focusing on what influences people in the world of fashion, trends, and personal style.” Recent posts featuring the super cute new TOMS Wedge, Essentials for Summer, and coverage on recent Chicago events show that this is a new blog you won’t want to miss!

While you may recognize these photos from my recent post, Twitter, or Facebook, you might not be familiar with some of my answers to the fashion-focused questions they asked…

“Although she a fashion magazine devotee, lately she has been finding inspiration for her blog on the streets of New York City, where she lives.  SoHo street style is “ah-mazing!”  On your left, you can see a woman in a chic Chanel suit with pearls, and on the right is a man in a black skirt with leather cuffs.  Her new weekend obsessions are the vintage street markets that are popping up all over the city as the weather gets warmer.  Not only can you find great fashion for sale, but also some styling tips by observing the fellow shoppers…”


Answering the questions was an enjoyable experience and I was happy to share my fashion-opinions and thoughts with more readers. Click here to read the rest of my interview with Shop Influence!


If you want to interview Everyday to Runway for your publication, email me at EverydaytoRunway at


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