Fiercest Fashion: MTV Movie Awards.

6 Jun

Oddly enough, the person I would’ve least likely guessed to be my top pick of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, got the A+ for fun, fierce fashion in my book…


Stephanie Pratt in Leila Shams.

The plastic surger-ied 2.0 version of Stephanie scares me a little but when I think of the MTV Movie Awards I think short mini frocks that garner attention. No need to go for the “classy” look here. MTV Awards are ridiculous and the fashion should be fun to celebrate them. As much as I love Scarlett Johansson’s green lace knee length dress, it just seemed too formal for the occasion. Now, Stephanie is young at 22 and really celebrated the LA Summertime look. She has three major Summer Trends in her look but the coincide very well: lace, one-shoulder, and neon. I would honestly wear this dress to my next Saturday night event in a heartbeat. Stephanie’s subtle California-cool makeup of mostly bronzer and a light pink lip let her “natural” beauty come through. The fact that she kept her accessories minimal (love the ring, could’ve done without the bracelet even) in addition to a classic pair of black pumps really put all the emphasis on that eye-popping dress.


You might call it a miss but I L-O-V-E Stephanie’s bright and daring look. MTV Awards are not the Oscar’s, this red carpet is made for fun not formal looks! A+ Stephanie!


Keep checking back to see my Fashion Fugliest: Who will it be? Lindsay Lohan? Christina Aguilera? Hm…


2 Responses to “Fiercest Fashion: MTV Movie Awards.”

  1. Jeanne June 9, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    I liked her look too. It’s very California.


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