Style in the City.

24 May

If you thought I’d post anything other than my obsession, the Sex in the City 2 Premiere, you are sadly mistaken. Despite the outlandish cost-debacle over Carrie’s outfits in the short SATC2 preview, my love for the four lovely ladies will never deter. Yes, they may be on their way to overkill on this series, but until they stop making them, I won’t stop seeing them! And yes, that does include the 3 am reruns on television of that one episode I have seen upwards of 50 times.

Sex in the City is a woman’s classic. The shoes, the fashion, the men; this series will go down as the single girl’s inspiration, the starving NY fashionista’s bible, the epitome of New York love. Every time I see a Manolo, frizzy haired Carrie talking into the camera with her cigarette blowing will come to mind. Headbands and pearls were Charlotte’s before Ms. Blairs’. Intelligence and the lack a need to conform will empower new Miranda’s. And of course, Kama Sutra was taught to the masses by wild, take-charge Samantha.

Girl packs everywhere will be flocking to the theaters this week to catch one last glimpse into the lives of Manhattan’s style mavens. I know Carrie’s iconic pink tank and matching tutu will forever be a fashion standout in my life, as well as the thought that a woman can buy Vogue instead of dinner, wish for “real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love” and of course, spend her money right where she can see it, hanging in my her closet.

Tonight in New York City, the premiere for Sex in the City 2 occurred and our favorite ladies did not let us down…

Heartbreakingly gorgeous. Sarah Jessica Parker did not disappoint. In a neon yellow S/S 2010 Valentino one-shouldered beauty, SJP shined brighter than the sun on that sky blue carpet. Her recently lightened hair, perfect relaxed curls and soft makeup complimented her sunny sheath beautifully. The jewels and gunmetal pumps were the perfect addition to make this an ultimate look. Despite being surprised that Sarah chose not to wear Halston, I am ecstatic that SJP picked a look that I refuse to even grade, because honestly in my opinion, it’s just that perfect.

Kristin Davis also chose a brightly colored gown with extremely minimal accessories which I think suits her well. Charlotte is the epitome of UES class and despite my wish for a chunky bangle or jewel-encrusted clutch, I think it’s a great look for Kristin.

While I’m never a fan of basic black when it comes to a shining (blue) carpet moment, Cynthia looks quite beautiful in her choice. Her hair is a little light for her skin complexion, but I love the change to strawberry blonde and with summer coming I’m sure her skin will warm up a bit. Once again I could use a little more jewelry, a statement necklace of dripping jewels perhaps, but aside from that she look great.

I have to give it up to Kim Cattrall, no deep-plunging necklines, no up to there slits, a flattering color with a funky original print in a body skimming material with a sheen that feels perfection for Spring. If I can be critical for a second, from the neck up she looks old Hollywood glam, and from the neck down she looks bohemian chic. I wish she went with a coral lip and nails and possibly a middle part, but Samantha has always been the most entertaining for me with her innuendoes and lack of disregard for convention she is a liberating icon for many young women. Her confidence beams from within and I appreciate her blunt nature.


Our fashionista friends were on their A game at the premiere tonight and I know I’ll be heading to the theaters this weekend with my best girls after a Cosmo or two to celebrate my love of all things fashion, fun, and well, in Samantha’s case, freakiness. So what about you? Will you be putting on your highest heels for a night with your girls?


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