The Indie Icon.

23 May
Zooey Deschanel is without a doubt one of my top fashion icons. When I was able to see She & Him in concert earlier this year I knew I had a major fashion crush. Zooey’s ability to pair girlie frills with vintage accents make her fashion just as unique as her natural beauty. Her folk-hipster look is personified with quirky waist-skimming printed skirts paired with floral headbands and lots of bows. Her wide eyes, dark bangs and commitment to Mary-Jane shoes give her a signature look that cannot be duplicated or denied.
When I saw this shoot of Zooey on Fashion Gone Rogue for Lula I was once again drawn into her tinkerbell-like look that compliments any style and transforms her into any look.
Accentuate your favorite feature like Zooey’s magenta lips.
Feminine fashion with statement pieces create a unique look.
Be true to who you are, regardless of if it’s accepted or not.
A few vintage pieces keep you fresh with fashion. Never be afraid of old Hollywood sophistication.
Zooey is a chameleon finding her place in the corner in Hollywood, fashion, and the music scene. She does not conform or fit the cliche mold of most other women in the scene and I appreciate her for that. Her beauty is outstanding and will now be appreciated by more through her new Rimmel beauty contract. A style icon who can stand out under the radar, which sounds like a massive contradiction, but in reality it is the perfect definition of this indie icon.
It’s official: Zooey is my May Fashion Crush.

One Response to “The Indie Icon.”

  1. Regine May 25, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    I have been obsessed with Zooey for quite a while now, she is my personal icon so of course, I got excited when I saw this feature on her! Love it!! :) she is just so beautiful in every way! :)

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