“Spring” Into the Gap.

4 May

GAP is one of the most iconic American brands and one of my first stops whenever I’m looking for “basics.” No matter where you are in the world, or which shop you’re in you can always find the basic essentials: jeans, tanks, tees, and well, if you wear them, khakis. I’ve probably gone through about 75 white t-shirts from the GAP in my lifetime. But despite GAP’s lifetime status, I’ve never really considered it a fashion-forward store. Lucky for the GAP brand, Patrick Robinson stepped in to save the fashion day in 2007 and since then has been putting GAP back on the map.

With so many GAP-collaborated dresses at the Met Ball last night, I was inspired to share with you a new line for GAP being released in less than a week! Pierre Hardy for GAP shoe line began last year and sent mass America into hysteria for their chunky boots and clunky heels. This year PH is back and releasing a girlier, more Spring appropriate collection for us all to enjoy…

The collection is capitalizing on the cute-yet-comfy wedge trend and incorporating three of the hottest 2010 trends: nudes, florals and denim. I personally am not the biggest denim fan, but these baby blue wedges could really make me a convert. Denim would dress down any floral outfit and give it a new look as opposed to the usual strappy white sandal. As for the nude vs floral and nude, I would definitely get the all nude pair first and then if I felt like it, buy a little extra ribbon at your local craft store and incorporate it into the straps whenever you wanted. That way you get both a basic pair as well as a DIY pair that you can change up any weekend! PH is known for their high quality and they promise not to waver their reputation when it comes to this collection. Prices in this collection range between $65 for the flats, to $110 for the nude wedges. The shoes will be released May 10th and if it’s anything like last year (and I’m sure it will be) they’ll be gone fast!


What do you think? Will you be heading to your local GAP to pick up a pair, or stick with your CV’s for Target?


Images from InStyle.


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