Cabo Cool: The Resort Collection.

28 Apr

When it comes to vacationing, Cabo San Lucas is my favorite relaxation place to go. I love traveling and seeing new places, but when it comes to just sitting on the beach and getting my sun on, it’s 100% Cabo. Medano Beach and Margaritas are all I can picture when looking at the newest Resort Collection from Essie. The four shade collection reminds me of hot sand, blue waters, and tanned skin. Resort 2010 has the exact color range I thought was missing in the previously reviewed GG Collection. This collection is absolutely a must-have in every shade for Summer! Check out the shades below…

Lapis Of Luxury
– “a dreamy ocean blue.” I see this as the perfect combination of purple and blue. It’s bright but deep at the same time and will work perfect on both nails or toes. I’ve been wearing blue on my fingers the past two weeks and have gotten more comments from strangers than ever before. Blue is daring and fun and will definitely be an “it” nail color for Summer.

Splash Of Grenadine – “a playful magenta pink.” This polish is much brighter and more hot pink than it appears in the bottle. Once on it looks more of a Barbie pink than the purple tones it looks in the sample photo. Hot pink is a classic toe color but surprisingly enough, I don’t think I have a dupe of this color in my extensive polish collection. Every girl should own a girlie hot pink polish and I know this will be a standard of mine.

Playa Del Platinum – “an elegant and sheer sandy gray.” This golden beige is the Summer version of Winter’s Taupe polish craze. The shine is out of control and will look amazing when digging your feet into the warm sand. Not too tan and not too grey, it’s a great nude to have in your collection and I can absolutely see this looking adorable on my tanned skin with some subtle golden shimmer layered on top.

Turquoise & Caicos – “a flirty and pretty tropical aqua.” Move over Mint Candy Apple, this tropical eye popping green is the most beautiful color I’ve seen in awhile. I immediately want to go out and find the perfect Pucci-esque dress to match this color. This metallic blue-green reminds me of the amazing clear waters of Guam, where I grew up, when you can see the sand on the bottom of the ocean through the water. If you were to only get one color in this collection, this should be it. Green may seem a little out there for many of you, but this color on your toes will instantly take your mind to the Tropics even if you’re only at your cubicle.

Essie Weingarten, founder and president of Essie Cosmetics, Ltd. said, “I wanted to create colors that would reflect a passion for all-things paradise… Chic vacationers are known for their island-inspired style and these nail colors add the final fashionable touch to that look.” Essie states, Vibrant and trendy, these bold colors are a must-have accessory for every beach goer and for those with no vacation plans in sight, they’ll bring a ray of sunny paradise into the day.


I have to agree that even in the bustling city of Manhattan, once I have that bright blue-green, or flirty fuschia on my tips and toes, I will no doubt be dreaming of my next sunny day by the clear warm water in Cabo with my fruity drink in hand. Until then… weekly Resort Collection pedicures.


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