Weekend Wedges.

22 Apr

I have a new lover, and that lover is wedges. Wedges of all kind. I have previously been a comfy shoe kind of girl so I would refuse to actually wear heels when not a) inside of the office or b) inside of a club. I am the epitome of a NY commuter, despite the fact that my commute is all of two stops on the subway. I love wearing slip on sneakers or flats and then changing into my heels once at work, but I have now discovered a new way to live.

Yes, you might be thinking, how did you never wear wedges before? And literally, I have no idea. I had a few pairs but they were the kind that I thought “oh these are so cute, it won’t matter that they only have one size left and it’s 1.5 too small” “they’ll be fine.” But no, in my shoe naivety I was wrong.

Number one rule of shoes:  If they don’t feel good in the store, they won’t feel good at home.

I recently nabbed a pair of cheap $20 wedges at H&M the other day and since then I barely take them off my feet. After spending upwards of $400 on shoes in 2010 already, I am now on a hiatus and sticking to F21 and H&M for all my shoe needs, at least for now. Ever since buying those wedges and in conjunction, being addicted to them, I’ve been on the mad search for more! Below I have selected some of my favorites in many price ranges…

Clockwise from Upper Left: Cynthia Vincent for Target ($30), American Eagle for Payless ($25), Pierre Dumas Mitzy at Piperlime ($49), Multicolor Kankan by Kurt Geiger ($215), Michael Kors ($750), and Denim Tory Burch ($295).


I love that wedges can come in a vast variety of prices yet still look chic at any level. Wedges really are the best accessory for Spring, both comfort wise, and style wise. Throw them on with any sundress, and you’re insta-chic. I love that wedges give you that little height boost but you don’t have to worry about aching feet by the end of the day. And for clumsy people like myself, wedges are the perfect way to easing into the balance practice when you mix heels, potholes and cobblestones throughout the NY City Streets.

What do you think? Will you be wearing wedges this spring?


One Response to “Weekend Wedges.”

  1. Jeanne April 22, 2010 at 8:09 am #

    I’ve got to get to Target stat for those Cynthia Vincent shoes!

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