Summer Shimmer and Shine…

6 Apr

In between paychecks I like to spend my time “window” shopping on-line. Today when stumbling around one of my favorite designer, Alice+Olivia, on Shopbop, I saw the most gorgeous nighttime summer time dress…

I love the tiny beaded detailing of sparkles that adds a fun flair to an otherwise neutral dress.

As you can see up close, the material’s sheen is complimented beautifully by the fun flecks of light off the beading. The draping of beads in the front creates a necklace-like effect that lets you skip the jewelry and make the dress do all the talking.

But, my absolute favorite part of the dress is the back! Now, since the hemline is super short, I would normally go conservative with the top half of my dress, but this is just too cute to resist. The deep-U shows off your tanned back after those long beach days and gives it a more relaxed feel than any body-con dress could.

If I wore this dress I would make sure to first of have some color in order to not be fully washed out, so either fake-bake or get a healthy gradual glow from the sun while using sunscreen! I also would rather pair it with some understated nude strappy sandals. Pairing too hot heels with that high hemline is just asking for a look-at-me disaster. I’m a laid back girl, so if Friday night is my 5.5″ heels night, I go for skinnies and a cute top, where as if Saturday is my skin-tight dress moment, than I go for more neutral heels that will let the dress shine. My advice is to pick one asset, or article of clothing and let that speak for itself.


If I owned this beautiful A+O $596 dress, it would absolutely be my go-to slip-on show stopper for those balmy summer nights following those hot sunny days.


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