Must-Haves: To-Go!

5 Apr

Since Erika, or as I like to call her, The NYC Princess’ first post went over so well, she was so lovely to share with you all her products that she lives by when traveling. With Spring Breaks coming up, and summer just around the corner, we’ll all hopefully be jetting off at one point or another, and having some great beauty travel tips can never hurt a girl! Read on to see what Erika recently brought on her trip…


Hey everyone,

Erika here from Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t. I’m so excited that Lauren has asked me to guest blog for Everyday to Runway!

I write to you now from Paris, France, on my spring break visiting my cousin, who’s studying abroad here for the semester! We’ve been on a whirlwind tour of the city. so I can experience everything possible before we head to Madrid on Thursday. I thought it’d be perfect for me to share some of the beauty essentials that I’ve been keeping with me on my non-stop adventures, for all of you girls on-the-go!

The number one item I’m keeping with me at all times (besides my wallet and passport) is my YSL “Gloss Pur” Lip gloss in Pure Rose ($30 at Sephora). Even though it’s getting warm outside, it’s still a bit dry and my lips need TLC. This gloss is comfortable and not too sticky, with a lot of shine! I love the Pure Rose shade because it goes with anything and soft and pink for spring!

My next top beauty essential is a great little travel item, the Tweezerman Hot for Dots Matchbox Itty Bitty Files ($4 for a pack of 12 at Sephora). These adorable teensy-tiny nail files are in a matchbox sized case that can go anywhere, and are perfect for girls like me who have really flimsy nails that break often! If I catch my nail on anything, it breaks—and then I pick at it to try to even it out, and then it breaks more, but with these files in my bag, I never have to worry about a catch, I can file it out anywhere!

The item I had to have in my carry-on bag was my Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (approx $18.99 on Ebay). This moisturizer has everything I need and I’ve been using it for years! 1. It’s tinted which makes skin look less pale, but not in an unnatural way. 2. It’s got light-reflectors in it that actually make skin appear “glowy”. 3. It has SPF 30! 4. It’s anti-aging (I know, I’m a bit young, but it’s never too early to start!) as they say in Paris, “Parfait!” (Perfect!)

Another one of my favorite beauty products to travel with is my Trader Joes Tangerine Sugar Scrub (approx $7 at Trader Joes stores). This stuff is awesome! Not only does it smell outrageously delicious, but it’s also all natural. There are a few huge advantages to using a sugar scrub over a salt scrub: 1. You can use it post-shaving and it won’t burn the open follicles. 2. It helps moisturize skin better (salt sloughs off dead skin just as well, but retains water, pulling moisture OUT.) 3. If it gets in your mouth, it tastes better. This scrub always gives me a dewy glow and makes my skin feel so fab, you’d think I just went to the spa! (Did I mention it smells delicious?)

My last beauty must-have is a new obsession, DivaDerme Vacation in a Bottle (approx $40 on This semi-permanent self-tanner, glides on with a makeup sponge (included with purchase) and is easy to see where you put it on your face. It dries really quickly (1-2 minutes tops), won’t rub off, and makeup can be immediately applied over it! In a few hours you’ll have a glow like you just spent a few weeks in Hawaii—natural, subtle and not streaky!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on my beauty essentials, thanks to Lauren for letting me guest post!



Don’t forget to Check out Erika’s blog or follow her on Twitter! And of course, follow Everyday to Runway on Twitter here!


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