Que Bonita.

29 Mar

Last weekend Fernanda and the many other lovely people at Maria Bonita Spa invited me to test out some new products and enjoy beauty-filled afternoon. Since I’m semi-new to the city I’ve been looking to find my go-to spa place and Maria Bonita has it all: manicures, pedicures, hair, waxing, massages, facials, the works!

The Spa recently brought in a new treatment, the Envix Super Premium 20-in-1 Multi-Action Deep Conditioning Hair Masque, which was the main focus of their “Luck of the Irish” event which they had on St. Patrick’s Day! Their beauty package, the Luck of the Irish, includes the Deep Conditioning Treatment, an amazing blowout and a Brazilian manicure.

If you’ve been tuning into Everyday to Runway, you know that my hair is semi-wavy with a bit of frizz if I don’t put product or heat onto it! So finding a deep conditioner that tames the wave but doesn’t weigh my hair down is like finding the ultimate holy grail, (or whatever that saying is)! This masque can be used as an add-on three minute shower conditioner, or a 20 minute deep treatment, and we were given the ultimate decadence of the 20 minute option. The most amazing smelling creme was put inch by inch into my long, tangled hair and brushed through section by section. Next the sections were pinned and hidden under a shower cap to be set in by a warming dryer for fifteen minutes. Besides the amazing smell, nothing seemed to special about it… that was until my next shampoo and blow dry at home three days later when I didn’t need any smoothing gloss and straightening took half the time due to lack of frizz!

Rogerio gave me a great blowout after my deep conditioning treatment, but I think the secret was him using a few drops of Moroccan Oil right before heat to my hair which gave it that amazing silky smooth shine that you literally see in Pantene ads. He was so friendly and knowledgeable about my hair (like he could tell my hair cuts are few and far in-between and I dye my own hair sometimes!) but he was so sweet that I have already booked an appointment for him to cut and color my hair in April!

Lastly, the Brazilian manicure. Maybe I’m the only one, but I figured the “Brazilian” part was just for fun and didn’t actually differ from a normal manicure. Oh no, boy was I wrong! First I chose my color, a shockingly neon pink, or specifically Essie’s Flirty Fuschia which was then strewn about my nails as if my seven year old niece was applying the it! She then grabbed a tool wrapped in a remover soaked cotton pad which she then used to clean up the edges. While I may have been hesitant at first, I’m now a firm believer in the technique as it created full colored nail all the way to the cuticles instead of the usual manicure which can cause the color to grow out after a day or two on the bottom of each nail. My manicure lasted from Saturday all the way to Saturday which is actually a record for my manicures! I’m now all about the Brazilian manicure and think it’s the way to go from here on out!


Overall, if you’re looking for a way to tame your damaged, frizz, over heated hair then this treatment is absolutely a must-have! It has been over a week since I’ve received the treatment and I still don’t need to use my smoothing gloss! Buying a deep conditioner can be pricey by itself, so Maria Bonita Spa’s package where you not only get the deep conditioning treatment but also a manicure and blow out is just unheard of! Price-wise, this package can’t be beat and for any beauty girl on the budget it’s the perfect spa day!


The Luck of the Irish package which includes the deep conditioning treatment, a beautiful blowout and a Brazilian manicure is available through May 2010 and is only $70 for all three!! Check them out on their website on their twitter or in person at 12 Prince Street in Nolita, NYC!


This treatment was complimentary for editorial consideration.


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