The Art of… Highlighting the Eye

23 Mar

With florals and pastels springing (get it?) back up I thought I would bring back “The Art of…” posts in order to share with you an ultimate Spring make-up trick. Highlighting your eyes is becoming the most desired make-up look on the streets and in Hollywood and who can resist a five minute pick me up that helps create the illusion that you’ve been catching up on all your beauty rest, despite the fact that really your insomnia kicked in because of that fourth latte yesterday.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively highlight their eyes any time they are seen in public and now they are widely known for being “fresh faced.” So whether you fifteen or fifty, this trick will bring life back into those I-already-need-the-weekend eyes.

Whether you’re going for a full-faced look, or just sticking to the basics of tinted moisturizer and mascara, this little trick will take you from everyday to  (… runway?) ok, maybe just red carpet!

After using your concealer and shadows to cover those lids, take any type of white pencil, cream, highlighter stick, or shadow, my choice being drugstore Rimmel brand soft kohl eye pencil in Pure White ($4, drugstore) to widen and whitened your eye to wake up those morning eyes and give a doe-eyed pop.

There are so many products out there that it’s all about finding what works best for you! Shaky hand? Stick with a cream, we don’t need the addition of poking our eye out at 8 am. I prefer a thin matte pencil for a muted but still effective look, but highlighters range from matte to shimmery to full on sparkly! I suggest you skip the sparkles unless you’re going to a soiree, it’s harder to be taken seriously at work when you look like you put on make-up with a middle schooler.

The best way to apply this product when using a pencil is to line the inner-v of the eye (the side closest to your nose) and then carry the line out to the middle of the eye. I like to go only half-way to keep the look subtle instead of 80’s. When using a cream, you can either use your fingertips or a thin brush. You’re more likely to get heavier look by using your fingertips but if it’s a lighter cream color then using your pinky finger to apply should work perfect. Using a brush gives you more precision but I like using my fingers and afterwards putting the rest below my eyebrow line, the tops of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. The reflection of light helps draw attention to these areas and create a look of higher cheekbones and a smaller nose!

Lucky for us many companies are creating no-hassle products to help define our inner-v such as Benefit’s Eye Bright, a crayon ($20), NARS‘ Albatross, a powder ($26) and Shu Uemura‘s eye light pencil white ($18) which is double-ended with a matte white and a pearl white to let you choose depending on your mood!


What do you think of this look? Is it a beauty secret you’re already in on? Or will you be picking up a pencil STAT?!

Let me know! XO

*Photos from Taaz and Beauty online


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