How to: Get Massive Hair Volume

17 Mar

Attention all Everyday to Runway readers: I have found the ultimate hair volumizer.

Want to be in on the secret?


Criteria for the ultimate hair volumizer:

1. It’s light weight. No one needs a volumizer that actually weighs down their hair.

2. It smells amazing. So what if you’re hair looks amazing, if it smells weird, you’re dunzo.

3. It doesn’t harden. Crispy, crunchy hair should stay in the 80’s.

4. A lift that looks natural, but is envied by every other girl.

5. A shine that puts Moroccan Oil to shame.

6. It doesn’t break the bank.

7. It won’t make your hair greasy á la Travis of Clueless fame.


And what is this covetable product that encompasses all seven criteria?!…


Yep, that’s right, a drugstore product! Not only is this product the best volumizer I’ve ever used, but it’s also only $5! You really can’t beat that. When I put a egg sized drop in my hair and blow dry upside down the height in my hair is instantly apparent and stays all day long. I’ll admit that when I sleep on it the next day it’s back to flat, but I’m not expecting hair miracles here.

It’s my Must-have for the Month of March.

*This opinion is my own, I’m not receiving any product or compensation for this post.

Photo from Ulta online


3 Responses to “How to: Get Massive Hair Volume”

  1. everydaytorunway March 18, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    I’ve officially had one satisfied reader tweet me she loves it! Anyone else?!

  2. Farah March 19, 2010 at 8:51 am #

    amazing i need to try this

    D e g a i n e


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    […] Spray your favorite volumizing spray (my favorite!) into damp hair. Blow hair dry upside down while using your hands to shake and tousle your […]

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