Special For My Readers…

8 Mar

A spokeswoman from Bravo is giving Everyday to Runway readers a special treat with new clips from the reality show Kell on Earth, a personal favorite of mine. I’m posting not as an advertising tactic for them, but because I find this show a must-watch for anyone interested in the NYC fashion/PR or just any working environment displaying a strong, powerful woman in charge.

Kelly Cutrone is a trailblazer as a successful woman in control of her own destiny and I enjoy each Monday to watch her in her element.

Bravo sent me, “Whether you love her or hate her (or just love to hate her), you can’t deny that Queen of Mean knows her stuff, and isn’t afraid to show it. On tonight’s episode, her signature feisty attitude continues to deliver. Below are some preview clips for tonight’s episode of Kelly crashing one of her employees dates in true Cutrone style, and coworkers cracking under the pressure of the industry. Just another day at People’s Rev!  Check out all new episode of BRAVO’s Kell On Earth tonight (Monday 3/8) @ 10/9c. More Info: http://www.bravotv.com/kell-on-earth

Date Crashers

Skinners Breaking Point

What do you think readers? Is this a show you’re watching?


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