The Teen Princess.

5 Mar

Ms. Swift is the cover girl for April’s Elle magazine and surprise, surprise they put her in a sparkly dress and left those frizzless curls to their perfection. But wait…

The REAL surprise is inside…


They gave her non-metallic clothing and took a Chi to that hair. Funny how, despite how gorgeous she may look, it all just looks off. Without those ringlets and usual white lined inner eye-V accompanied by a sparkly frock she looks almost, wrong! It’s the look we’ve come to know her by and while I’m glad they’re trying to branch out from the usual look, some people just don’t need to be messed with. I mean, have you seen Jennifer Anniston’s hair?! Girl’s got it goin’ on and she wears the exact same look every day! For me, keep the 19 year old in her “uniform.” This makes her look so old and we have soooo much time to look old that why should we bother when we’re still in our teens, am I right? Even at only 22, I’d kill to be 16 again… the good ol’ days. So live it up T. Swift with your blonde ringlets and that “Oh My Gosh I did not think I was going to win” look, because it only lasts for so long.


What do you think? Should Taylor keep rocking the straight hair? Or stick to her usual?!


Photos from and The Cut.


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