The Brunette Bombshell.

1 Feb

There is absolutely no hiding my flat out love for Nicole Richie. If you asked me my opinion on her a few years ago, the words that would’ve come up would definitely be the antonyms of my current adjectives. The neon extensions have been replaced with the most perfect shade of cocoa, the midriff baring concert tees have been replaced with Versace, and her wildly reported life has been replaced by an aww-worthy family photo. Could not love her, or her style more.

This month Nicole is featured in UK Marie Claire and she looks crazy amazing!

Versace top and skirt.

House of Harlow jacket, LnA shirt, Mardou & Dean jeans.

Giles Deacon dress.

DSquared mini.

The last photo is just jaw-dropping. She has really transformed herself into being an amazing fashion icon. I hope she starts gracing more U.S. covers now that her House of Harlow line has become a hit and her star factor is more focused on her family and style than her antics. A+ Nicole.

Photos from ONTD.


One Response to “The Brunette Bombshell.”

  1. thelovelyaesthetic February 1, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Love love love!!!

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