PS. I WANT to Make This

1 Feb

Erica Domesek of PS. I Made This, which has been linked on my blogroll since the beginning of Everyday to Runway, made the genius move of DIY-ing or DYE-ing a Proenza Schouler look a like. Erica paired with Who What Wear, another amazing must-read style website, to create the look below…

Check out the rest of Erica’s WhoWhatWear’s full post here

I have been coveting the Proenza tie-dye shirt on the right since seeing it on the runway, and even Kristen Stewart and Tavi sporting it won’t turn my interest away. As a San Francisco native, I’ve always been a major tie-dye lover. I blame it on Haight Street, but this S/S season the colorful swirls will be in full effect and I’m one happy (wannabe) hippie. Tie-dying is such a fun warm day activity and so easy. I love being able to say I made the top/dress/skirt/sheets that I’m rocking and knowing that it’s one of a kind! If you’re new to tie-dye buy a plain white dress and use some black or navy dye to create a calmer look, or if you’re more daring try dye-ing a white flouncy mini skirt with pinks, oranges, and yellows and pairing it with a white tank for a super cute spring look.

Celebrities have been rocking the look and it’s gaining more and more hype. Fergie and Rihanna went with tie-dye jeans for an interesting but not my favorite look. If they were short-shorts paired with a flowy white tank, I could see it being cute. But full on tie-dye jeans or leggings just seem like more middle-school mess than super sweet and chic.

Once you start tie-dying more often you can test out new ways of creating the print, whether dipping it in a full color, using the “sunburst” effect, marbles, spirals, stripes and more! But for now here are some looks you can get without having to dye your hands bright blue…

This OP Dress is only $12!

While this more daring yet still neutral mini from Parker’s is $188.


Tie-dye is everywhere and if you want to be summer cool you should try this look too. Pair any tie-dye with embellished flats, and a fun beachy hat and you’ve got insta-chic this spring…. Yes, I’m aware it’s just February 1st, but here’s my output to the world that spring should come early… Groundhog Day is tomorrow, you know!


Photos from WhoWhatWear, OP, Bloomingdales, FabSugar, DenimBlog


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